The Characteristics That Define a Brazilian Jungle Design

Brazilian Jungle Design

The interior design style that you choose for your home is a personal decision and will depend on your individual preferences and your lifestyle. You may use several sources of inspiration when deciding on a theme, and this could include a place that you have been or that is on your travel wish list. If you are a fan of the tropics and jungles, then you might opt for a theme that is based on the Brazilian jungle. Here are some of the characteristics that define the Brazilian jungle interior design style and how you can create this look in your home.

What is the Brazilian Jungle Interior Design Style?

According to Stencillit, the jungle interior design style has become increasingly popular in the last few years. It is a style that is inspired by nature and everything that you would find in a tropical jungle environment. This includes trees, plants, flowers, wildlife, rivers, waterfalls, mountains, crevices, and even the sky. Specific to the Brazilian jungle interior design style, the main source of inspiration is the Amazon Rainforest. This is a diverse landscape that features large expanses of forested areas, plants and flowers at different levels, rocky formations and crevices, the fearsome Amazon River and its waterfalls, and all the creatures that live in the jungle. Color and pattern both play an important role in this theme, as does the use of natural materials.

Different Interpretations of the Brazilian Jungle Interior Design Style

The Brazilian Jungle interior design style is one that you can interpret in multiple ways. Therefore, there are variations of this style that will suit all tastes. Some examples of the ways in which you could interpret this style include:

  • Jungle tropics- This interpretation involves using a range of colors associated with the jungle. Rather than simply sticking to greens and leafy botanical designs, you would choose prints that feature brightly colored, exotic flowers or animal prints featuring butterflies, parrots, or monkeys.
  • Botanicals- Although botanicals will play a part in almost any interpretation of the Brazilian Jungle interior design style, you can focus entirely on this aspect of the theme if you wish. This would involve using lots of greens on either light or dark backgrounds, along with splashes of other colors. Prints would usually play a big part in this interpretation, on the wallpaper, soft furnishings, and accessories.
  • Jungle features- A simple approach to take to create a Brazilian jungle theme is to keep the majority of the room simple and just use a feature wall to showcase this style. You can do this by the use of patterned wallpaper featuring botanical designs. Alternatively, look for specialist feature wallpaper that depicts a scene. For example, you can buy wallpapers and wall art that feature a snapshot of the jungle or a jungle water scene, such as a waterfall along the Amazon.
  • Back to nature- The typical Brazilian Jungle interior design style is a little too bright and elaborate for some people. However, it is possible to interpret this theme in such a way that you can have a relaxed and sophisticated room that takes small elements of inspiration from the jungle. For example, some people choose to keep things simple in terms of décor and to create a sophisticated and neutral backdrop in light and fresh colors. They will add plants and accessories made from natural materials to represent the jungle environment.

Materials Used to Create a Brazilian Jungle Interior Design Style

The Brazilian Jungle interior design style is all about connecting with nature, wildlife, the landscape, and the elements. These are key points to remember when designing your rooms and choosing your materials. Italian Bark highlights the importance of using natural materials, such as wood, bamboo, and fabrics made from natural materials.

The Key Characteristics of the Brazilian Interior Design Style

Like all interior design style, there are some key characteristics that define the Brazilian Jungle style. The following is an overview of these characteristics.

  • Color – This design theme gives you great scope for the use of color, and you can keep your color palette as simple or as elaborate as you wanted. For muted looks, combine neutrals with different shades of green, as green is the predominant color of the Brazilian Jungle. However, you can use multiple colors in a room to create a unique and fun look. Yellows represent the sunshine, while shades of blue are symbolic of the rivers, waterfalls, and the sky. The jungle is also dense in browns, from the earth on the jungle floor to the barks of the trees. You can use exotic flowers and stunning wildlife as inspiration for using bright pinks and purples. Which colors you choose depends on the angle you have taken when interpreting the theme.
  • Prints – The use of prints is another important feature of jungle interior design, says The Creative Aptitude. You can use prints on feature wallpaper or on soft furnishings. There are also many accessories that feature prints that will complement the theme of your room. Botanicals are the most popular option for the jungle style. There are leafy prints available in various shades of green on both light and dark backdrops. To add a greater range of colors to the room, opt for botanical prints that feature exotic flowers. An alternative to botanical prints is animal prints. These may feature a wide range of wildlife from the Brazilian jungle, such as monkeys, parrots, or butterflies.
  • Furniture – Lomuareddi says that the choice of furniture is a key aspect of the urban jungle style. It is best to opt for furniture made from natural materials, such as wood, rattan, wicker, or bamboo. If you prefer seating with fabric elements, then opt for ones with fabric in shades of green or fabric that features botanical prints.
  • Soft Furnishings – There are two ways that you can go when choosing soft furnishings for a Brazilian Jungle interior design style. The first is to keep things simple by opting for soft furnishings in a simple color, such as white, neutrals, or a single shade of green. On the other hand, you may prefer to add the important print elements needed in a jungle-themed room. If you have kept the walls simple, then soft furnishings with prints will add the color and detail you need in the room.
  • Accessories – Again, natural materials are important when it comes to choosing accessories. Rustic pottery in earth tones will work well with this theme, as will pottery featuring botanical designs. This theme also lends itself to adding elements of fun to the room, if you are bold enough to do so. An example of a fun accessory is a brightly painted, carved, wooden parrot. Botanical prints are a good way to add interesting focal points to any plain walls in your home.
  • Plants – Regardless of which way you take the Brazilian Jungle interior design style, plants should play an important role in your designs. Large potted plants and miniature trees will bring nature into your home. The urban jungle trend has given houseplants a revival, says Green and Mustard. If you have limited space in your home and there is not enough room for large potted plants and trees, then opt for smaller houseplants in clusters on the window ledges or even suspended from the ceiling.

Tips for Recreating the Look in Rooms Around Your Home

How you will apply the Brazilian Jungle theme around your home will differ from one room to the next. Here are some tips for recreating the look in individual rooms.

  • Living Room- The living room is one of the rooms in which you can get creative and interpret the theme in any way you wish. You can go for vibrant colors and bold prints or keep things simple using only neutrals and shades of green. Your choice of furniture in the living room is one of the key considerations. For a typical jungle style, opt for furniture made from wood, bamboo, wicker, or rattan. Add botanical prints to the walls and use mirrors to enhance natural light.
  • Dining room- Green is a fantastic color for a dining room, and it is a room that can take both bright lime greens and very dark shades of green. Adding a feature wall with a print will create a focal point to the room. Choose a rectangular, wooden dining table as the central feature of the room. Make sure you add some plants to retain elements of nature in the room.
  • Kitchen– Choose natural wood units for your kitchen to reflect the Brazilian interior design style. Alternatively, opt for units that are painted a muted shade of green. Add a natural element by positioning plants around the room. A good option is to have clusters of potted herbs on your window ledge as these are practical plants that you can use in your cooking. In addition to plants, the perfect accessories for a jungle-themed kitchen include pottery in earthy colors and carved wooden bowls.
  • Bedrooms– A bedroom is a room where you can truly reflect your personality. To create a fun room, opt for bright colors and printed bedding. However, to create a relaxing zen-like bedroom, keep things simple with white walls and plain white linen cotton bedding. Add splashes of color with printed cushions, botanical wall prints, and real plants. Choose a natural wooden bed and wooden bedroom furniture for this theme.
  • Hallway- The hallway is usually one of the smaller areas in the home, so it is important to keep things simple in this room. Use light colors on the walls to promote a sense of light and space. Add smaller pieces of furniture, such as a wicker coat stand or a wooden occasional table. Add elements of the jungle with plants and a botanical print.
  • Bathroom– For smaller bathrooms, keep your walls and tiles neutral or the room will look dark and dingy. Add spaced out feature tiles featuring botanical designs or splashes of color if you wish. If you have a larger bathroom, you can be a little more creative with your color options and choose colorful or patterned tiles on your walls. A freestanding bath looks fantastic with this theme as it has a more rustic feel than modern fitted baths. One of the simplest ways to add the jungle theme to your bathroom is through the use of plants.

Extending the Theme to the Exterior of Your Home

As the Brazilian Jungle theme is all about nature, it makes sense that you may want to extend the theme to your garden. This is particularly important if you have used the concept of bringing the outdoors inside in your interior design and you have large windows and doors connecting the interior and exterior spaces in your home.

According to Missile-Sized Garden, it is possible to create an exotic jungle-themed garden even in cooler climates if you choose the right plants and trees. You will need to replicate the natural jungle environment by creating layers in your garden. Planting trees will eventually create an upper canopy, while shrubs will represent the lower canopy. Close to the ground, using plants such as ferns will create the same effect as the ground level of a jungle.

It is even possible to create a jungle theme in a small yard or on a terrace by adding potted plants and trees. You can also hang baskets filled with trailing greenery.

The Brazilian Jungle Interior Design Style – The Final Verdict

The Brazilian Jungle interior design style is a diverse style that you can interpret in many ways. However, the inspiration is always the landscape and wildlife of the Amazon. This gives fantastic scope for the use of color and for creating a look that brings the outdoors indoors. You can also reflect your personality in your choice of design. It is a style that you can apply to every room in your home and that you can also extend into your garden.

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