The Key Characteristics of a Brazilian Style Bedroom

For many people, the bedroom is not only a room for sleeping, but it is also their private haven where they can relax. This means that they want a room that is designed in a style with which they can feel comfortable. It is a room where they can express their personality more than in any other in their home. For some people, this will mean creating a neutral space that is calming, while for others it is a chance to add vibrant colors and have some fun with interior design. Regardless of which is your preference, it is possible to achieve either theme if you apply the Brazilian style to your bedroom. Here is an overview of the key characteristics of a Brazilian style bedroom.

What is a Brazilian Style Bedroom?

A Brazilian style bedroom is one that is inspired by the design ideas and landscapes of Brazil. There are two ways that you can go with this design style. The first is to choose an understated and calm room that predominantly features neutral colors with touches of brighter colors. The second is to create a vibrant and fun room that is filled with colors and prints. Whichever way you go, the main inspiration is bringing the outside in, and reflecting the nature and landscapes typically associated with Brazil. The jungle is one of the biggest sources of inspiration for this design style. The following are some of the key characteristics that you would expect to find in a Brazilian style bedroom.


As this design style is all about nature and bringing the outdoors in, one of the most important characteristics of the style is the use of natural materials. The main material is wood, and this is applied in many aspects of the Brazilian interior design style. Both lighter and darker colored kinds of wood are suitable depending on your preference. Although wood is the most important material for this style, it is not the only natural material that you can use. Other natural options include bamboo, linen, cotton, and ceramics.


As Emma Jane Palin points out, you can keep the color scheme for a Brazilian style chic and understated, or you can use deeper and brighter colors for a bolder look. Many people opt to keep a bedroom light and spacious by using white on the walls and then adding splashes of color with soft furnishings and accessories. If you only choose one color as you prefer a muted color scheme, then green is the best option and there are many shades of green from which you could choose. On the other hand, you may prefer to take a bold and vibrant route. With this interpretation of the Brazilian style, you can use almost any color. Think of the greens of the jungle, the blues of the ocean and waterfalls, the bright yellow of the sunshine, and the reds, pinks, and purples of the tropical flowers.


Elle Decorations highlights the importance of using patterns and prints with this design style. Thy patterns that are typically used with the Brazilian style have a botanical theme. Therefore, either leaf prints or floral patterns are ideal for this theme. Another option is to use prints of animals that are associated with Brazil, such as parrots or monkeys. You can use pattern in your Brazilian style bedroom in a variety of ways, including a feature wall with patterned wallpaper and soft furnishings or accessories with fun and colorful prints.


The best material for flooring in a Brazilian style bedroom is wood. Stripped floorboards that are either varnished, stained, or whitewashed are perfect. However, this is not always an option if you do not have wooden floorboards or the floorboards are badly damaged or uneven. If that is the case, then you can add wood flooring over the top of the original flooring.


Wood furniture is ideal for this style, and you can choose any type of wood just as long as the pieces match. A four-poster bed that is draped with chiffon curtains creates a sense of sleeping in a tent and also looks amazing with this style. An alternative to wood furniture is to choose furniture that is made from bamboo.


Even if you don’t include any other accessories in your bedroom interior design, plants are an absolute necessity for both the Brazilian style and the urban jungle themes, says Ikea. The use of plants is the perfect way to bring nature into the interior of your home, which is a vital aspect of this theme. If you have limited space, then adding some smaller potted plants to the window ledges and other surfaces is sufficient. However, if you have a large room with lots of space, consider adding some ornamental trees in larger terracotta pots. Another option is to add some hanging baskets around the room that contain trailing varieties of plants. This will work best if you have high ceilings.


In addition to adding plants, there are other ways that you can personalize the space with the use of accessories. First, you should add a wood-framed mirror. Not only will this fit in with the style, but it will also add a sense of light and space to the room. Adding artwork to the walls is a way of creating interesting focal points and adding a splash of color to the walls. Artwork with a botanical theme will work best in a Brazilian style bedroom. Your choice of soft furnishings for the room is an opportunity to add colors and patterns to the bedroom.

Brazilian Style Bedrooms – The Final Verdict

A Brazilian style bedroom is inspired by the landscape and design ideas of Brazil, where there is an ethos of bringing the outdoors to the interior of your home. It is possible to use this style to create a sophisticated space, or to interpret the theme in a fun and colorful way. The use of natural materials and botanical colors and designs are some of the key characteristics of this style.

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