10 Cool Ways to Add Pops of Color to a Neutral Space

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When it comes to painting, many people prefer to use neutral colors because they are considered safe and timeless. However, just because your room is painted in white, grey, or beige doesn’t prevent you from experimenting with bright colors. If you think it’s time to renovate your home, the secret is to get it right from the start. The pre-renovation process involves researching and focusing on finding the balance between neutral colors and pops of color. If you need some ideas, the following are ten cool ways that you can use to add pops of color to any neutral space.

10. Framed Wallpapers and Stickers

Framing a wallpaper is one of the budget-friendly and cool ways to add pops of color to a room. You can use a wide range of wallpapers to add color to a neutral space. You can use wallpapers in different ways. If you want to use wallpaper to brighten a room but have no idea, here are a few designs you can use. Wallpapers are generally used to cover walls. The basic idea is to cover the garish patterns and delicate flowers with contemporary colors, styles, and patterns. According to My Domaine, different rooms will require different wall coverings.

Some rooms require bold and graphic papers for a fabulous look, while others require simple patterns. You don’t have to cover the whole wall entirely; you can opt to cover half of it. Another great idea is to cover the top half of the wall and panel the bottom half. To achieve a bold look, use two different wallpapers on one wall. The thing here is to go for colors and patterns that complement each other. The ceiling is one place that people often neglect, but it can look great with colorful wallpaper.

9. Photos and Paintings

Art is a powerful tool that you can use to brighten a room. It is easy to use artistic décor because of the ease of replacement when there is a need to change color. Photos and colorful paintings can be used to increase the vibrancy of your décor. There are numerous photo ideas that you can implement in a neutral space. You can frame your favorite vacation photos and hang them on a den wall. Another innovative idea is to buy a set of colorful frames and hang them on the wall.

If you have a home office, you can purchase a themed group of photos of a forest, sunset, ocean, or whales and hang them in your home office. You can choose to hang it opposite your desk where you can see it or behind the desk. You can incorporate small cameo photos in groups of three for the bedroom and place them near the dresser or the bedroom nightstand. Paintings come in different shapes and forms. To add a pop of color to the dining room, you can use one large painting and place it on one of the walls. Other ideas include using paintings of flowers for the bedroom or bathroom.

8. Incorporate Decorative Elements

Another cool way to add a pop of color to a neutral space is to add bright and colorful decorative items to the décor. There is no better way to brighten a room than to glam it up with painted geometric shapes, butterflies, flowers, and other colorful items. Flowers, flower vases, and pots are a creative way of introducing color to any room—spice a neutral bathroom by adding colorful vases with white flowers. You can bring in handcrafted painted pots for the living room and place them near the window sill.

According to Performance Painting, the same idea can apply to the kitchen. A neutral bed space can be brightened by adding a string of bluebirds. Place this string on the bedroom dresser or the coffee table. Artistic objects and colorful items can be added to the shelves of the bedroom or dining room. The dining table, coffee table, and windowsills are perfect places to put colored vases with one or two flowers.

7. Choose a Statement lighting

It is easy to incorporate dimension by adding colorful pendants to a neutral living room space. Colorful pendants have a big impact on any space and are easy to change. If you want a laid-back theme, go for a soft powder blue or a bright red for an energized feel. Table lamps and lampshades are an easy way to add color to any room. Select a design that will match the theme of your décor style. For example, if your bedroom has cream paint and white bedding, you can buy a blue lampshade to make the neutral white and cream colors pop up. Another idea is to buy a clear glass lampshade and fill it with decorative items such as colorful balls and shells.

According to Interior Design, if you are operating on a low budget, replacing old lamps with new colored ones is easier. You can go for lamps of the same shade or choose different complementary colors. There are endless ideas you can incorporate here. Another great idea is to get a multi-colored lampshade and tone down the colors with a solid color. If you don’t want to spend money, glam up the lampshade by adding colorful tassel and beaded fringe trim.

6. Add Shelves and Brackets

Colorful shelves and brackets are another cool decorative idea for your home. If you feel your room is dull and needs renovating, go for shelves and brackets. There are many ideas and styles which you can explore in this area. If you have a shabby chic room, it is advisable to go for distressed shelves. This is only applicable if you don’t have shelves. If your room has one, transform the existing shelves with paint. For instance, if you have a plain white chase of drawers in your bedroom, you can use two different paints.

Pink and blue are a good combination because they are colorful and make the room appear brighter. If you feel that painting shelves is too much of a task, make your work easier by painting the shelf brackets to add a little color pop. Don’t limit yourself to only the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. Transform the metallic laundry shelves by using spray paint. For the bathroom, you can add shelves and paint them with a color that compliments the plain baskets.

5. Use Bright and Colorful Utilitarian Objects

When it comes to the house, a utilitarian object is any appliance or storage item that makes work easier. If you want to add pops of color to the kitchen, try shopping for color appliances like a coffee maker, toaster, and breadbox. According to Joy Fully Growing Blog, a colored toaster will add a splash of color to the kitchen. Don’t restrict yourself to appliances and storage items only. You can buy colorful dish towels of different colors. Get some colored food storage containers. No law states that food containers should be clear. Other ideas you can use are colored trash cans and teapots. Make the most out of everything to add pops of color.

4. Pillows and Cushions

Pillows and Cushions are powerful items that can make or break the appearance of any room. If you think your living room or bedroom needs a revamp, throw away the old pillows. It’s time to upgrade your couch and bed. Living room chairs can be easily upgraded with colored cushions. For the bedroom, you can use colored throw pillows. Make it more inviting using different pillow sizes and shapes for depth and interest. Using pillows and cushions to add pops of color to a neutral space involves mixing and matching. For example, you can use a multi-colored pillow and blend it with two solid-colored pillows. Another creative idea is to use three pillows with the same color and pattern. You can also go for a solid color pillow and pair it with a floral cushion.

Don’t restrict yourself to indoor furniture only. Explore the outdoor furniture too. If you have chairs on the balcony, make the space pop by adding colorful chair cushions. Spice up your lounge chair, porch swing, and rocking chairs by dressing them with seat cushions and some colorful pillows.

3. Paint Furniture

Painting furniture is an interesting idea to add stunning pops of color to your room. You can go for shades like electric blue or deep red. These are bright colors, and they will lighten any neutral space. It is advisable that before you pick a brush or spray paint go through some inspiration ideas and DIY videos which will give you ideas. There are various methods used to paint furniture. Using chalk paint is one of the easiest ways. According to This Old House, chalk paint tends to adhere to the host surface, producing a beautiful matte finish. It also blends well with other mediums like stain and glaze.

Additionally, you can use milk paint, similar to chalk paint, but it has a different formulation. Milk paint is popular among crafters because it is easy to mix it yourself. Apply creativity, like creating a stripped effect by placing the tape on dry milk paint. If you have a piece of upholstered furniture, you can paint it and give it a modern monochrome transformation. To make your work easy, mist the upholstered seat with water for easy adherence with paint. Use a small brush to ensure every surface is covered and where it seems impossible to reach.

2. Metal Art Wall

Metal Art walls are another creative way to pop color to any room because of their unmatched durability. They are also suitable for decorating and brightening a room; at the end of the day, you will spend very little on them. Every room in the house is special because they serve different purposes, requiring different decorative pieces. It is advisable to pick a piece that will resonate with your taste and the room’s setup. For example, you can get a metal world map and place it in the living room.

Bedrooms are places where people relax and have intimate moments with their loved ones. Any bedroom decoration should reflect privacy. For example, you can go for a metal art wall at North Shire and place it in your bedroom. The metal pieces used in the bedroom should be small because they serve as a reminder of a better life. Vintage metal arts are fun and colorful, and they can be a great complement in the laundry room or country kitchen. You can add colorful metal art for any room but ensure it is in line with the décor theme.

1. Introduce Bold Window Statements

Research shows colors are vital in our lives. Different colors indirectly contribute to your moods. Some colors have the proven ability to cause excitement and reduce tension. Introducing colorful window curtains is a cool way to brighten a room. Many individuals tend to forget window spaces which help to bring us light. Adding bold window treatments is an effective way of drawing attention to the light source. According to Home Décor Bliss, curtains can transform any room and make it feel warm and cozy.

The right color to choose will depend on your goal. If you want to make your space look open and airy, consider choosing white, light grey, or tan curtains. You can also choose bright colors like pink, yellow, and green. Bright colors reflect light as opposed to dark ones, which absorb light. For example, purchasing baby blue curtains will compromise between inadvisable and bold. Another creative idea is to use patterned or striped curtains. It is crucial to consider whether patterned curtains will serve your purpose. For example, you can use polka dot curtains for the living room. It will not have any effect, but it may make the room look childish. The trick is to use a color that matches the room’s furniture and accessories.

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