20 Awesome Tropical Style Foyer Ideas

Tropical Foyer

The foyer of your home is the welcoming area for you, your family, and guests that come to visit. When you step into the foyer, it sets the tone for the home, or it should. No matter how big or small your foyer is, a decorated foyer instantly makes you feel like you are walking into a welcoming home, and how you decorate it can set yet another kind of tone, for instance, walking into a beautifully decorated tropical style foyer can make you feel like you are stepping into a beautiful Tropicana or tropical retreat, says Decoist. There is something about tropical decor that puts you in a relaxed state-of-mind and brings on the vacation vibes. There are endless ways to bring a tropical look and feel into your foyer and we some ideas of how to do it.

Think of tropical colors

What colors come to mind when you think about the tropics? Do you picture blues, greens, corals and neutral tones? There are many colors and shades of each hue that can be used in tropical designs, for instance, you may instantly picture the bright shades of green found in big green-leafy palms, or bright blues seen in the ocean. Perhaps corals and warm browns, or neutral tones you see on the sandy shores come to mind. Once you think about the colors that best represent a tropical setting for you, choose the ones you want to create your decorative pallet with. Your pallet may be a combination of brighter, more flamboyant tropical colors, or a more rich, spa-like tropical color pallet. For instance, if you choose a more neutral shade for your walls, you can add pops of other tropical colors through decorative pieces and plants used in your foyer.

Choose tropical feeling furniture pieces

Your foyer may be just a small entry space that immediately leads into a living room, or another room in the home. Small foyers may not be able to hold big pieces of furniture and they don’t have to, to still get that tropical look, however, even a small piece of furniture fits; a small foyer table, a small bench or chair, even a coat rack in the corner, find a piece that fits your tropical vibe. Rattan is a common furniture style for the tropics, or a table that conveys a tropical feel with its color or other design element. Even a couple woven poufs in a corner or tucked up under a small entry table can add a bit of a tropical ambiance,


The flooring in your entry way may already be laid and there’s no changing it. Whether you have tile, hardwood or a laminate type of flooring that you don’t think adds much of a tropical appeal, you can give it that appeal by covering the floor with a beautiful area rug to fit your entry space. A beautiful Jute, sea grass rug, bound sisal rug, or other area rug with tropical colors or a tropical pattern matching your decor theme, can really give your floor a beautiful Tropical makeover.

Do you have room for a water fountain?

What better way of creating a tropical vibe in your entryway than to walk in and see, and hear the sounds of a water fountain flowing? There are so many different types and sizes of water fountains that you should be able to find one that works with your tropical design to create a more tropical appeal in your entry. Large entryways may have the space for an elaborate water fountain scene, while a small foyer table in a small entry might be just the place for a small table-top fountain to create a tropical focal point when you walk in. According to Water Gallery, choosing your fountain should start with working around the furniture pieces to help decide on its location and size.

Tropical plants bring it together

Most people think of tropical plants when they envision a tropical decor and there are plenty of them to choose from that you can find which ones work best with your tropical theme. You may want a couple large tropical plants in beautiful pots, which work well in large foyer spaces, and can add plenty of green tones to your tropical foyer. Maybe you love the beauty of tropical flowers, well there’s plenty of those to choose from, too. If you visit The Spruce, you can see a list of 12 popular tropical plants that grow in different climates.

And for some really beautiful ideas, scroll through the following 20 pics of awesome tropical foyer ideas to get inspired for your foyer transformation.

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