10 Different Ways To Use White in a Bedroom

White is quite possibly the most versatile color for any room. It not only fits easily into any room in the house, but it works with any color scheme, any decor theme, and it comes in many variations, from stark white, to cream, off white, beige, and ivory. White brings a natural brightness to a room. Larger amounts of white, or any of its related hues can open up a room and make it look and feel bigger, so what’s not to love about this fabulous color?

There are a variety of ways to add white to your bedroom to give help create the exact look you want when you step into your room, whether you’re going for an elegant look, warm and cozy look, light and airy look, or any other number of looks. If white is a color you want to incorporate into your bedroom but you need some inspiration and ideas of how to give your room a “white makeover,” we have ten of them for you, so keep reading to learn 10 different ways to use white in a bedroom.

1. White and black

White and black deco combos are one of the most common color combos for a modern look to any room in the home, including the bedroom. The look of black and white color combos can be done in a number of different ways to create the look and feel that’s perfect for your taste, whether you start with a white base, for instance, white walls, a white bed comforter set and add black accents throughout the room, or you create a more equal use of both colors in the room. The universal color combo of black and white will always be one of the most notable takes on a modern theme.

2. Make a white room look bigger with mirrored furniture

Mirrors are an awesome way to create the visual appearance of a bigger space. They are often used in home decor to help open small rooms and make them feel larger by reflecting the space around the room. They also add light and brightness to the room and a unique decor appeal that works wonderfully with white. If you want to give your bedroom a bright and airy look and feel, then try using a white and mirrored theme by using mirrors in a variety of ways. Decorative wall mirrors, and even mirrored furniture pieces can make a beautiful bedroom transformation.

3. White looks great with antique bed

White is a color that is often thought of as a vintage color and pairs well with antique furniture pieces to create the look and feel of eras gone by. Add soft, white textures to an antique bed to accentuate the vintage style, white to the walls, and light and airy white window treatments to complete the look.

4. Create a Dreamy white bedroom

White is dreamy in any room, and when it comes to your bedroom, dreamy is one thing anyone can appreciate. You can turn your bedroom into a perfectly dreamy room by decorating it from top-to-bottom in soft white tones and textures. The more white you use, the dreamier it gets, especially when you choose fabrics and textures with dreamy shades of white to layer your room in. White walls, white bedding, white furnishings, and dreamy white accents all come together to create a visually appealing and sumptuous bedroom.

5. Splashes of color make white even brighter

Nothing says Wow, like pairing white with splashes of bright, bold and vibrant colors throughout your bedroom. White is one of those colors that helps to make bright or bolder hues really pop. When you take white and add vibrant greens, yellows, bright blues or any other color that adds a liveliness to your bedroom, it’s like taking a sleepy little space and breathing life into it.

6. White, white, white

While white, white, and more white can seem a bit to stark and sterile for some, but for others, it can be a visually appealing look that appears clean, neat and tidy. For those that find comfort in a total white surrounding, choose white for all of your main bedroom surfaces, furnishings and textured materials, including the floor. This can be an elegant and classy look for a bedroom, or you can choose to use the all white color scheme to create a more modern tone for the room.

7. Layer white with other hues of white

With so many versions of the color white, you can create a totally warm and cozy bedroom by layering many shades of white throughout the room. White, off white, cream, beige and ivory all work well together, even when mixing and matching the colors, layer upon layer. For instance, a white bedspread can be topped off with a beautiful beige throw, and your pillows and throw pillows can be a mixture of white, ivory and cream tones for a well blended look of warmth and coziness.

8. Gray and white play well together

White and gray is another color combo that is as popular and well liked as the black and white theme. White and gray were kind of just meant to be a pair as they are both neutral and yet can make a bold statement as well. Mixing gray accents into a white room is one way to add a bit of color without it being overpowering. The two together create a warm and relaxing feel to any bedroom, and you can use the two colors in as much or as little amounts as you want, making one a primary and the other, a secondary, or create an equal balance of the two hues.

9. White paired with monochromatic patterns

Monochromatic patterns create a unique and elegant look for a bedroom, and they are easily paired with the color white, as it helps to make the pattern pop, no matter where it is in the room. Monochromatic patterns can fall in places like the bed linens, wallpaper for one or more walls, curtains, pillows, even throw rugs. The unique look of monochromatic patterns is a popular choice for those who like a little style and modernism in a room, and they work perfectly for the bedroom.

10. Dark or bold wall colors look great with white accents

If you are a fan of the bold end  of the color spectrum, try adding bold tones in your bedroom to compliment any white you use. Bold colored walls are one way to bring a bit of character and drama to your bedroom and when paired with white furnishings and materials, you have a great look that stands out and brings a room to life. Bold colors can also be warm and cozy and make a space feel welcoming, which is exactly what most want at the end of the day when they step into their bedroom.

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