10 Beautiful Examples of Bamboo Living Room Designs

Bamboo is one of the most beautiful of all the natural woods available to use in your home. And not only is it beautiful, but it is very versatile and durable, which means that it can last for years and years and if kept well, it will retain its integrity and beauty. Used inside the home as an element in your decor theme, you can find a million ways to incorporate bamboo to help create a warm and welcoming look and feel to any room. One of the most common rooms in a home where bamboo can easily cozy up the space is the living room. Most people are familiar with bamboo furniture, which is definitely one of the most popular uses of this beautiful wood. But there are also plenty of other ways to give your living room a charming bamboo makeover, and we want to show you what they are. Keep scrolling to see ten beautiful examples of bamboo living room designs.

1. Bamboo Planked Roof

Planked bamboo is a unique way to add charm and character to your home. If you love the look and feel of a log cabin home, you can create the same effect by using bamboo logs that run the length of your living room. It’s a great way to upgrade the look of your living room and add give a whole new appeal.

2. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring is a beautiful option for your living room that can go with just about any style of decor you choose, from traditional to rustic themes and everything in between.Bamboo is not only a beautiful floor choice, but it has a few advantages over regular hardwood flooring. Although bamboo is susceptible to water damage and scratches like other wood floors, it does tend to be more water resistant and more durable than some woods. Bamboo is also fairly easy to maintain. Sweeping and vacuuming are the best ways to clean dirt particles from the floor, with an occasional damp mopping over areas where spots or spills may have happened.

3. Bamboo Ceiling

If you want to really cozy-up your living room, you may love the idea of adding some bamboo to your living room ceiling. There are virtually hundreds of ways you can have bamboo designed onto your ceiling to give it a unique look that is charming and fashionable. Adding bamboo to your ceiling can help to warm the room and make it a welcoming and cozy space, especially in larger living rooms that could benefit from warm tones and some added texture.

4. Bamboo Staircase and Railing

Typical stairways most often are designed with functionality in mind and left without character or detailed designs. If you have a stairway off your living room that seems to just meld into the background and lacks style or a wow factor, you can turn your stairway into a focal point for the room by adding a beautiful bamboo design to the handrail or installing a new flight of steps made of natural bamboo wood.

5. Bamboo Room Dividers

Open floor plans can be great for many reasons, but sometimes the lack of separation between rooms can be a disadvantage, depending on why you need to designate separate spaces between rooms. If you want to add more privacy between your living room and another space, you don’t have to call a contractor to start the process of building a whole new wall. Instead, give your rooms a clear dividing point by adding a unique room divider made of bamboo. Bamboo room dividers come in a wide range of styles and sizes that you can choose anything from simple bamboo poles, to more ornate bamboo dividers that not only separate two rooms, but look artistic and give the room character.

6. Bamboo Area Rug

Warm up your living room with a beautiful bamboo area rug. Bamboo rugs can bring your room together and give it a welcoming and homey appeal. They’re not only functional, but decorative and can create a focal point for your room. Like other area rugs, you can choose from a wide variety of sizes, colors and styles to go with any type of decor theme. This is just another way for you to customize your room and tie your room’s look together, all while helping to protect your flooring underneath.

7. Bamboo Furniture Pieces

Bamboo furniture can add an island look and feel to your living room. There are so many unique ways bamboo can be used to create different pieces of furniture that you can find just about anything you want, made with bamboo. Coffee tables that incorporate bamboo in their design are a popular choice for adding just a touch of bamboo, or you can choose whole pieces of furniture where the entire frame is constructed out of bamboo wood, like a beautiful bamboo chair or sofa. Mix and match pieces to create your own unique look.

8. Add Bamboo to Your Walls

If you love the look of bamboo and want a unique and cool way to add it to your living room, adding bamboo to your living room wall or walls can create an incredible wow factor that will have everyone who enters the room in awe. There are many different ways to add bamboo to a wall and it is all up to how little or how much you want to incorporate. Turn an entire wall into a bamboo masterpiece, or to keep things on a smaller scale, a piece of artwork made of bamboo hanging on a wall can really spice up the room.

9. Bamboo Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments can sometimes be overwhelming. With so many different looks and styles of window treatments you might have a hard time deciding on what to fit over your living room windows. Bamboo window treatments are a natural and elegant way to bring some of nature from the outdoors, in. There are endless types and styles of bamboo window treatments to choose from, that finding the perfect look for your living room windows is easy. Light and airy bamboo pull-up blinds can be found in an array of colors, including a beautiful white hue that helps to brighten your windows and allow the most natural light to stream through. Eco-friendly and affordable, you’ll want to dress all your windows up in bamboo.

10. Bamboo Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are a great addition to any room. They can serve as a functional part of your cooling system, or add to the design theme of your  room decor. In a large living room, a set of two bamboo ceiling fans can add style to your room as well as a beautiful, vertical focal point. So give your living room a tropical island appeal with a bamboo designed ceiling fan and start enjoying the all the beauty and coolness they have to offer.

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