10 Gorgeous Examples of a Feng Shui Kitchen Design

The average American spends over 30 minutes a day cooking and more than double that amount of time eating. Kitchens also tend to be the place where we host guests and spend quality time with our families. This means that in order to have the best possible experience, our kitchens need to be clean and fully functional. Unfortunately, large-scale kitchen renovations can cost lots of time and money that many of us may not have at the moment. The good news, though, is that the ancient Chinese practice of Feng Shui can provide a much more affordable way to make your kitchen as harmonious and balanced as possible.

Feng Shui uses the placement and spacing of items to promote good energy. So, how do you achieve feng shui in your kitchen? We’ve got you covered!

Make Sure Everything Works

One of the first steps to a feng shui kitchen design is pretty easy: make sure everything in your kitchen is functioning as it should. Not only does this mean all of your appliances should be in working order, it also means that all doors and cabinets should be opening and closing properly. You should also consider getting rid of any chipped or cracked dining ware.

Clean Your Stove

This is probably (hopefully) something you’re already doing on a regular basis. But did you know that a clean stove can help promote good feng shui? It’s also a good idea to use all of your burners.

According to feng shui expert, Laura Cerrano, “When you’re not alternating the use of your stove’s burners, it’s said that you could be subconsciously choosing to not allow possible new opportunities into your life. By not keeping your stove clean, it’s said you are not honoring wealth (however you wish to define wealth). And if you do not use the stove at all, it’s said wealth is not being ‘ignited’ and promotes more stillness.”

Keep Your Counters Clear

Counter space is prime real estate in every kitchen, so it’s something that you definitely don’t want to waste.

Cluttered counters can make your kitchen feel messy and tight. If your counters are full of unused appliances and other items that are simply taking up space, now is the time to start creating some space. Clear countertops give you the space you need and allows good energy to flow through your kitchen.

It’s also a good idea to clear your kitchen of clutter in general to set your space up for the best feng shui experience.

Hang Wall Art

Adding color to your kitchen is a great way to improve feng shui and wall art is the perfect way to add color to your space. Try to pick artwork that promotes a healthy appetite or displays cooking and/or gathering.

In addition to adding some feng shui to your kitchen, wall art will also make the room look fuller and more welcoming.

Be Mindful About Your Lighting

Lighting is something you definitely don’t want to forget about when creating a feng shui kitchen design. In fact, it’s something that should be at the top of your priority list. Having a well-lit kitchen is a must if you’re looking to achieve feng shui in your space. According to Cerrano, “Avoid fluorescent light bulbs if you can, and experiment with different levels of lighting. Become present with this simple change, and sense the shift in energy each one of them brings.”

Get Rid Of Thing You Don’t Use

Over the years, most of us have probably acquired a lot of junk in our kitchens. Not only is having a kitchen full of old and used items not conducive to keeping your space neat and clean, but it’s also not good for feng shui.

Go through your kitchen and get rid of anything that you no longer have use for. This could be anything from old appliances to or dishes you don’t use anymore.

Examples of a Feng Shui Kitchen Design

Now that you’ve got an idea of what types of things you can to do create a feng shui kitchen design, it’s time to see some real examples. Keep reading to see 10 gorgeous feng shui kitchen designs.

modern kitchen feng shui

image via homedit.com

beautiful open kitchen design

image via hgtv.com

beautiful modern feng shui kitchen

image via openspacesfengshui.com

modern kitchen feng shui design

image via lushome.com

kitchen with dark wood cabinets

image via yourchineseastrology.com

kitchen feng shui design

image via thoughtco.com

beautiful home kitchen

image via gemexi.com

kitchen with stainless steel appliances

image via sheknows.com

large white country kitchen

image via balanceaustin.wordpress.com

kitchen with black countertop

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