The Key Characteristics of a Brazilian Styled Kitchen

Brazilian Kitchen

Many people spend a lot of time in their kitchen. Not only is it the room where they prepare their meals, but it is also often a place where families gather together. Therefore, it is important to choose a style that you love and that creates a space where you will enjoy spending time. One option is to apply the Brazilian style to your kitchen. Here are the key characteristics of a Brazilian style kitchen.

What is a Brazilian Style Kitchen?

A Brazilian style kitchen is one that is inspired by the landscapes and the design ideas of Brazil. The landscape of Brazil is varied and includes jungles, rivers, waterfall, the coast, and mountains. Brazilian style always aims to bring the outdoors in by using natural materials, colors that reflect the surroundings, and plants. There are two different approaches to using this style in your home. The first is to use the jungle as your inspiration, with lots of colors and patterns that are associated with the jungle theme. The second is to create a stylish space that is light, bright, and adds only touches of nature to the room. The following are some of the key characteristics of a Brazilian style kitchen.


When designing a Brazilian style kitchen, you should always make sure that natural materials are used as this is one of the key features of the Brazilian interior design style. According to Italian Bark, the most important natural material to use is wood. This is usually featured as the main material of the units, but you can also use it on the floors, the walls, and even the ceilings. Other natural materials that you can use include stone, ceramics, linen, and cotton.

Kitchen Units and Countertops

The prominent features in a kitchen are the units and the countertops. Choose wooden units, although it doesn’t matter which type or color of wood you choose. While natural wood is perfect, there is also the option to use painted units if you are adopting the colorful interpretation of this style. Muted greens or blues with a matte finish work best. You should also choose wood countertops.


Your choice of colors depends on your interpretation of this style. If you prefer a minimalist approach to interior design, then use white on the walls of your kitchen as this promotes a spacious and light feel in the room. To keep things simple, add touches of green around the room with your use of plants and accessories. On the other hand, if you are willing to go bolder in your approach, you can have feature walls that showcase one or more colors of the Brazilian landscape. Some options include any shade of green, the yellow of the sunshine, the blues of the waterfalls and rivers, or the purples, pinks, and reds of tropical flowers.


Patterns are an important characteristic of Brazilian style and one that you should include in your Brazilian style kitchen. According to DM Lights, botanical patterns and prints are best for this theme, so use prints that feature leaves or flowers. You can use patterns on wallpaper on a feature wall, or on your accessories.


Wood floors are the best option if you are trying to apply the Brazilian style to your bedroom. If your floorboards are in good condition, you can strip, stain, or varnish these. Otherwise, buy wood flooring that complements your choice of kitchen units. Another option is to have whitewashed wooden floors. Not only are wooden floors aesthetically pleasing, but they are also a practical option for the kitchen.


If you have a large kitchen, then you may wish to add a table and chairs or a small seating area. Choose a wood table and chairs that complement your units. If you are adding a seating area, consider using a wood or bamboo framed settee with soft cushions featuring botanical patterns that coordinate with your chosen color scheme.


According to Urban Jungle Bloggers, plants are a key element of the Brazilian style as this reflects the ethos of introducing nature to the interior of your home. How you use plants will depend on the space you have available in your kitchen. In smaller kitchens, stick to adding some potted plants, such as spider plants, to the window ledges and tables. In larger rooms, such as a kitchen diner, you can add large terracotta pots with ornamental trees. Another option is to add some hanging baskets that are filled with trailing plants. This works best in kitchens with high ceilings. However, it is important that you do not hang the plants over your food preparation areas.


Adding accessories to your Brazilian style kitchen will personalize the space and create interesting focal points. It is also a way of adding color and pattern if you have kept the color scheme on your walls neutral. To retain the theme of natural materials, consider having carved wooden bowls and vases as display pieces in your kitchen. To add some color to the walls, add a colorful botanical print in a position that will draw the eye across the room.

Fittings and Appliances

Modern appliances can look out of place with this style, so try to keep them out of sight if possible. Keep them in a utility room or garage, if possible. If you are having a new kitchen fitted, choose a design with integrated appliances that are hidden behind the units. Adding a large porcelain or ceramic sink rather than a modern metal sink will fit in with the theme of natural materials that you have running through your design.

Brazilian Style Kitchens – The Final Verdict

Brazilian style is all about bringing the outdoors in and connecting the indoors with nature. Therefore, the use of natural materials and colors that relate to the Brazilian landscape is important. Wood is the main feature of a Brazilian style kitchen, as this is the material used for the units, the floors, and any furniture you add to the room. Green is a color that you should try to incorporate into the design, and the use of botanical prints is important. The main way of accessorizing a Brazilian style kitchen is through the use of plants.

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