20 Amazing Kitchen Tile Design Ideas

The one room in the house that acts as a multi-purpose room with one main function, eating, is the kitchen. Outside of preparing and eating meals, you also use the kitchen for entertaining friends and family, paying bills, assisting the kids with homework, among many other things. Outside of needing your kitchen to be fully functional, you want it to be beautiful as well. One way to create both a functional and beautiful kitchen, is by installing tile. Tile has come a long way over the years. Your choices are endless when it comes to types, colors and styles of tiles. Here are some tips for creating amazing tile designs in your kitchen.


Before you start picking out your tile, you will want to decide where the tile will be installed. For backsplashes, you can install tile just behind the stove, which is the most common place to install backsplashes. It is not only a decorative idea, but works as a part of the functionality of your kitchen, helping to keep the area where you spend most of your time cooking, a lot cleaner and easier to keep clean by preventing spills and splatters from ruining your drywall and paint. If you want to extend the tile down the wall to other areas, such as behind the sink or cover a full wall, you can, depending on the layout of your kitchen cabinetry and other elements. You can also mix and match colors and designs to create your unique design and style.

Choose your tile and design

There are a number of types of tiles to consider, from a basic subway tile, glass tile, mosaic design tiles, ceramic, porcelain and more. For a modern look, harmonize neutral tones on the walls with brightly-colored accessories. Monochromatic colors are often offset with contrasting colors in backsplash tiles. For instance, designs using black and gray or black and white, or reds are great contrasts to a set of monochromatic cabinetry.

Give your kitchen flare

If you want to add your own personal touch, create murals with tiles for a backsplash. If you’re a “beachy”-type person, a beautiful ocean scene of starfish and seashells will remind you of a day by the seaside every time you cook. If you happen to be more of an artsy person, you can create a unique abstract themed design with your tile.

If you are looking for more inspirational ideas with tiles for your kitchen, take a look at the following 20 amazing kitchen tile design ideas to help get you started planning your kitchen tile design.

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