10 Types of Kitchen Flooring That All Work Well


Your kitchen is the hub of the home. It’s the gathering place for preparing and eating meals, entertaining, among many other things. There’s a lot happening in the kitchen that can affect your flooring, from drops and spills, kids’ playing and running in and out, and maybe you have pets that can be hard on your flooring. Of course you want your flooring to look beautiful, but you want it to be functional, too. Choosing a flooring that looks good, holds up to the lifestyle you lead, and is easy to maintain are all things you want to consider before running out and just choosing the first type that strikes you as, “the one.” If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, or just upgrade your flooring, take a look at these 10 types of flooring that work well.


Cork is one of the newer types of flooring choices that’s quickly gaining popularity. It looks great, and can really give your kitchen an edge in visual appearances and will definitely add value to your home. Cork makes a great flooring choice, according to Homedit, for several reasons; one is the comfort factor cork gives the floor. Cork is very soft under the feet; padded and warm feeling, unlike other flooring choices. And bonus, it’s antimicrobial and will repel insects and bugs. Who wouldn’t love that?


Vinyl has been around forever and is here to stay. The choices you have in vinyl are more than they’ve ever been. You can choose from vinyl tiles, to vinyl that looks like brick or hardwood. Vinyls is water resistant and easy to install, for those DIY’ers out there. If you have kids, this is a good choice of flooring that works well since it’s durable, easy to clean, and not as pricey as other flooring choices. Something to keep in mind with vinyl is it’s ability to get cut or tear.


Concrete is a fairly new flooring choice for homes. It is kind of a minimalist or industrial style choice, but can work for other decor themes as well. Concrete is a good choice for kitchens due to its unique beauty, style and color choices, and durability. Yes, it is hard on the feet, of course – it’s concrete. But when it comes to maintenance, you’ll love the fact that it will easily clean up after a little dirt, grit and spillage. With a little sweeping and mopping, these floors stay virtually new looking, says DIY Network. Newer homes even have the option of having heating elements installed below the flooring to warm those feet on cold days. Something to keep in mind is that no matter how good of an installation job you get, these floors are prone to crack over time, due to settling and expansion.


Bamboo is one of the newer types of flooring types being used in homes today. It’s beautiful, to say the least, and can really take your kitchen to the next level when it comes to visual appeal. It also looks a lot like natural hardwood and is often mistaken for it, but this trendier flooring is not the same – it’s real bamboo. You may not realize that bamboo is strong, durable and can last for years and years, which makes it a flooring that works well in kitchens, however, something to consider before choosing this flooring is if you have kids. Bamboo is known to scratch easily, so consider your kids’ ages and how hard they are on flooring. This flooring type might hold up better with older kids.

Natural Stone Tile

It goes without saying that natural stone is beautiful. It looks great in just about any place you install it in your home, especially in the kitchen. It’s elegant, classy, and if kept looking nice, it will undoubtedly help the value of your home. Natural stone works well with just about any type of decor and because it comes in such a wide variety of colors, you’ll be sure to find one that compliments your kitchen’s decor color scheme. It works well in the kitchen because it is easy to clean and has a long, sturdy durability rate, however, some of the more delicate pieces of stone are able to chip and others may stain easily, according to Homedit.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has long been a favorite and popular choice for kitchen flooring. It’s beautiful, elegant, looks great in any size kitchen, and you have a wide range of colors to choose from. You can even have the tiles set in different patterns to make your flooring look unique and larger, if your kitchen is small. Tile works well in kitchens due to it’s beauty, it’s long lasting ability, easy to clean, and the fact that it’s moisture resistant, one reason it’s so popular in kitchens and bathrooms. Something to consider is that tiles can crack or chip and the grout can stain. It will need regular maintenance to keep it looking fresh and new, but in the end, this is still a choice that works well in the kitchen.


Brick has become a popular choice of kitchen flooring, and especially for those who love the rustic look in a home. Brick has a very unique look and can add a lot of warmth, character and farmhouse charm to your kitchen. There are a variety of looks you can choose from, from the standard red-brick look, to browns and other hues. You can lay brick in patterns to give it a unique look, and as far as durability, brick is tough and can withstand a lot what happens in a kitchen, from drops, spills, high traffic and more. Brick is a great choice for a kitchen flooring type, however, if you don’t like the idea of brick becoming worn looking over time, you may want to reconsider it for your kitchen.

Granite Tile

Granite tile is one of the most elegant looks of any tile. It can make any kitchen look like a million bucks, which speaking of, is something to consider if you’re looking for a flooring type on a budget, because granite will set you back a pretty penny, especially in large kitchens. As far as its durability, rock is one of the toughest surfaces and granite certainly has earned its worth in long-lasting and its ability to withstand anything thrown its way, in the way of kitchen incidents. If you want a strong, easy to clean, beautiful flooring type that lasts years and you don’t mind paying for it, granite works very well.

Natural Hardwood

By far, natural hardwood is always at the top of the list for kitchen flooring choices today. It’s undeniably beautiful and brings a whole new look to the room. It’s extremely versatile and can give our kitchen an elegant, classy look, or very rustic, if that’s your theme. Choose from a long list of types of hardwood to fit your home’s decor and color scheme, and choose the layout pattern that fits your kitchen the best. You can count on hardwood lasting for years because it is so durable. It’s great for families of any lifestyle, so put hardwood at the top of your list for kitchen flooring choices.

Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is gaining in popularity and looks like your natural hardwood. There are a ton of choices for colors and looks when it comes to engineered hardwood that it will work in any kitchen. It acts like hardwood too. It’s beautiful, strong and durable and moisture resistant if a spill happens in the kitchen, making it a great choice for kitchens. Don’t worry about high traffic in your kitchen; it holds up under heavy foot traffic, but keep in mind that if a plank were to get damaged, it can be a bit difficult to replace or repair.

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