20 Modern Home Offices that Look Out of This World

Working from home has become a popular option for a lot of people who prefer not to work in an office environment, as well as for those who own and operate their own home-based business. One of the downsides to working out of a home office is that sometimes it can be monotonous, especially if the office setting is less than motivating to be in. If you are going to work from home, why not create the most awesome workplace that makes you want to be there and gives you all the motivation you need to be motivated and productive.

Why should you make-over your home office?

Just like any office, your home office is where you spend most of  your day. You want it to be function and practical, yet you also want it be an inspiring place that brings out your productivity and creativity. Not all home offices exhibit practicality and functionality together. If your home office is not one that inspires you, maybe it’s time to update it; bring it up to par with the modern design ideas that are beautiful and can help make your home office space reflect your personality and style. There are some ideas that can help you create a modern home office space while keeping it practical and functional.


Lighting in your office is one of the most important details that can make or break the space. Small home office spaces can mean dark and dingy, which gives you a feeling of a more cramped space and lead to low function and productivity issues. If you don’t have any, or low levels of natural light, you can add your own lighting.

Overhead lighting can be straining on the eyes, cast shadows and can still leave areas of your room in low light. Brighten corners with the use of lamps around your home office. Finding unique lamps with colorful shades can add flare and a modern touch. Low hanging tea lights over your desk not only gives you brighter light to work for, but adds a modern touch to your room. Under-cabinet lighting is another way to modernize your home office lighting as well as add a source of functionality to your work space.

Office furniture

Office furniture is one aspect of your home office that you will want to spend time planning. The wrong furniture in any office environment can create problems with overcrowding or problems with unusable space. This is even easier to do in small home offices. Scaling down your office furniture to fit your space is crucial to optimizing your work space. 

You can also modernize the look of your office and give it an awesome new look by choosing pieces of furniture that are modern in design; such as an L-shaped desk to keep open walkways, add colorful cabinetry for storage, to keep small areas free of cluttering storage units, and small, uniquely designed chairs rather than large, overstuffed space-hogging chairs.

Be creative with your office furniture; clean lines, sleek and ergo are the new, modern-day choices for office furniture while big and bulky are designs from yesteryear. Here’s a tip for furnishing your home office – only purchase furniture you need and will use in order to keep the look and your space, open and fresh and not overcrowded.

Technology equipment

Technology devices and equipment can be big and bulky, not to mention that it can look messy and chaotic with all the cords required to operate them. Only installing equipment you need reduces the amount of space needed to house it. A lot of technological devices are now available in smaller scaled versions, which means you can get the same work done without having large printers, copiers and faxes taking up counter a floor space.

Many devices are combo devices to make it easier to accomplish more tasks with one piece of equipment. Smaller sized, coupled with fewer pieces of technology around the room enhance a more modern look and feel as well. Disorganized and tangled messes of cords creates a chaotic and disorganized feel to the room. Remember to organize, bundle and hide cords to keep the office space neat and tidy to keep a clean, modern look to your home office.


Take your home office from drab to energetic and contemporary. Colors today are more bold and vibrant than ever. Splashing a fresh coat of paint in your favorite color on your office walls can give your home office a new, more modern look and feel. Dull and muted tones can weigh you down and leave you unmotivated, so why not create a space that makes you feel alive and productive? Oranges, reds and shades of green are popular, modern colors today.

Deco and art ideas

What you put around your office for decoration is what you have to look at all day while you work. Make your art decorations work for you by choosing creative and inspiring pieces of art to hang on the walls. Let the art and deco pieces reflect who you are without being too distracting so that you lose focus on what you are in the office for. Keep in mind that you don’t want to overcrowd workspaces and desks with too many personal items and décor pieces, but personalizing your space can give you a lift everyday can relax you at the same time as increasing your productivity.

Bring the outside in

Plants add more than just a little green to your office space. Plants are healthy for the environment, not to mention they help to raise your spirits by adding a cheery element to your workday, so why not bring some of the outside, in by adding a few modern-deco vases with colorful flower arrangements or contemporary potters with greenery to brighten and modernize your home office?

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