10 Office Decor Ideas Trending in 2019

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Your home office is a space where you want to feel productive and creative. It is your own personal space you retreat to, to get work done, whether you work in it on a daily basis as your work-from-home office, or you simply use it to take care of household business. Either way, you want your home office to reflect your personality and style so that you feel comfortable every time you’re in your office. There are so many ways you can decorate your home office, but if you are looking for some new trending decorating ideas, we have ten of the most popular decor ideas that are popular this year in 2019. Take a look at these ideas and see if any inspire you.


Monochromatic design themes are known for their simplicity in color schemes. The two primary colors that are recognized in a monochromatic decor theme are black and white, but other colors can also be used. According to The Spruce, the monochromatic design theme is used for practical purposes and basically uses one color as the base, then takes that base color and translates it into other forms, other shades and hues, to be used throughout the room.

Natural Greenery

Live plants have an amazing way of brightening any room, making it light and cheery, not to mention, they help purify the space which is better for your overall well-being. Instead of decorating your home office with artificial plants that can collect dust and mold, try adding some natural greenery to your office. It may take a little more effort to keep them alive, but you may actually find that it is therapeutic and that you enjoy developing a green thumb.

Combine old and new

There’s a term for mixing old with new in the home decor world and it’s called, transitional. Taking newer pieces of furniture from the latest eras and pairing them with pieces from older eras is a great look and it has been done for years. You may get an old, antiquish chair that works great with your newer pieces, or a beautiful eclectic desk that mixes well with your more modern pieces in your office. When mixing old with new, arrive homes suggests a few things when doing this, and that includes keeping all pieces scaled proportionally and don’t try to overdo by adding too many older pieces, as this can make everything about the room off-balanced.

Beachy themes

There’s nothing more relaxing than a day at the beach. The sites and sounds of the sand and sea bring warmth and peace and you can recreate that look and feel in your home office by designing a beachy decor theme using the soft colors of the beach. Diggsdiggs suggests using neutral tones along with blues, aqua, and turquoise hues to create the look of a coastal setting. Beachy themes look best when you include pieces of distressed furniture for a more relaxed and weathered look. Accessories can include pieces made of natural wood, sea shells, coral and beach glass pieces, among other sand and sea decorative pieces.

The look of contemporary

One decor theme that has been a constant in the home decor world is the contemporary look. It’s clean, sleek and uncluttered look makes you feel organized from the moment you walk in the room. With minimal pieces of furniture  or decorative pieces, you won’t feel overwhelmed with too much stuff in a small space. Desks and other office furniture pieces are designed with simple, clean lines, and you may opt to go with simple, neutral colors or have splashes of bold, bright colors that make a contemporary statement in the room.

Bohemian style

The lively look of a Bohemian-style room makes every moment you spend in it, fun, exciting, and is an overall, relaxed atmosphere to be in. You’ll enjoy putting together an array of eclectic looking pieces to complete your Bohemian look in your home office. Mixing old and new, vintage-style pieces is a great way to marry the modern with the old to create a beautiful Boho office. Neutral tones mixed fiery oranges, shades of purples, yellows and bright blues are all commonly found in a Boho decor theme. A beautiful fringed throw rug in your office can help guide you with a color scheme, while a vintage-style desk and chair can be combined with an eclectic desk lamp and book shelving unit. Thrift stores, yard and estate sales are great places to find vintage pieces that show they come from a rich history.

Geometric designs

Geometric shapes have always been eye-catching and fascinating to look at. They can immediately draw you in to the decor theme around the room. Geometric shapes are often used in eclectic and modern decor and are a great addition for a home office. You might opt to add geometric shapes on the wall, whether in stenciling or wallpaper. Circles, hexagons, anything geometric is up to you and your personal preference. Include other geometric shapes in decor pieces, like a triangular shaped desk lamp, an oval planter, a modern-style desk chair, and don’t forget to consider a geometrically patterned throw rug for your floor.

Scandinavian is crisp and clean

The crisp, clean look of Scandinavian design uses an abundance of bright, natural lighting to make the office open and airy. All furniture pieces chosen for a Scandinavian designed room serve a purpose to keep the room clean and clutter-free. Neutral tones are used throughout the room with the primary wall color being a basic, bright white. Natural elements are very Scandinavian, which means that hardwoods are the most commonly seen in a Scandinavian design. This means wall-to-wall carpet would not be acceptable if you want to keep things to the very detail of this design theme for your office.

Use statement furniture

Do you love the look of big and bold? Statement furniture pieces are all about anything that makes a big statement for the room. A brightly colored desk with a bold patterned desk chair can be married with other large or boldly colored furniture pieces that make a bold statement. Statement furniture for a home office can make your office space fun, lively, and inspiring. If you are one who needs a little motivation to get things done, an office full of statement furniture pieces just might be what you need to motivate you.

Dark and masculine color schemes

If the main person using the office in your home happens to be male, you might want to consider creating a more masculine look for the office and steer clear of anything too feminine. Masculine themes are often thought of as rich and dark with the use of masculine materials, like leather and rich woods. You may choose to go really masculine and use lots of rich hues of black, gray, Burgundy, or any other manly color. Depending on the space, an executive style desk and chair can really give the room a masculine look and feel. Decorative items can include a silver plated desk lamp, a bulb and shade chandelier, and masculine window treatments.

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