10 of The Top Trends in Office Design for 2019

Many people are spending more time working from home today. For those that prefer to work at home for their full-time job, or just want a small office space where they can retreat to take care of their personal business; paying bills and managing the household, creating the perfect home office can make it that much more enjoyable to retreat to. There are so many ways you can design and decorate your home office so that it reflects your style and taste, as well as operates the way you want and need it to, and we have some of the latest design trends for home offices for you to review. Keep reading to learn about 10 of the top trends in office design for 2019 and get inspired to remodel your home office.

1.Built-in Shelving units

One way to transform the room you’ve claimed as a home office into a beautiful, organized and stylish office space is by installing a wall of built-in shelves. Built-ins not only create a focal point for the room, but they help to keep you organized, as well as they offer space for setting out personal items to create a warm, yet work-friendly environment. With so many variations to built-ins, you are sure to find one that matches your style, space, and budget.

2. Corner Office Desk

Many times, the smallest room in the home is the one chosen for a home office, leaving the larger ones for bedrooms or other uses. Small rooms aren’t always ideal for freestanding desks, which leaves you to opt for other options with setting up a work space. If space is limited, corner office desks are a popular way to get around the issue. This beautiful wraparound desk and work unit is a perfect example of how you can get all the work space you need without cluttering up the room and eating up what little foot traffic area you have.

3. Color, color, color

It’s your office, and it’s your space you want to feel the most inspiration to get work done. Just because work is happening in the room, it doesn’t mean you have to create a boring and stuffy room, such as you might find in a business office. Use your imagination when it comes to decorating your home office, starting with color choice. Whatever colors make you feel motivated and inspired, start there and design the room around them. Bright colors can help visually enlarge a small office space, while darker shades help to cozy-up a large or colder room. Bolder and brighter design colors are being seen in home offices today, and since this is your personal work space, you’re free to design it especially for you.

4. Take a window seat

Having a beautiful view to admire while you work is what most people would love for their home office. If you’re lucky enough to have a bright, beautiful window or two with some gorgeous scenery just outside, take advantage of it and set your desk or workstation up to face the view. No matter what wall the window is on, set your desk up facing the window, as much as it can be. There’s no set rule that says your desk has to face the door, sit in the middle of the room, or be put in any other position to make the room look “officey.” Windows and beautiful views of the outdoors can give your spirits a lift, enlighten creativity, and increase productivity, so take advantage of the window in your home office and enjoy the view while you work.

5. Floating desk and shelves

It’s clean; it’s sleek, and it’s beautiful, too. The look of a floating desk with floating shelves is a trending look in home offices and reduces the amount of floor space it would consume if it were all part of a floor-based unit. You can really open up a room by free-floating your furniture pieces, like your desk and shelves. Floating desks and shelves are one of the most popular decorating trends for home offices today, and it’s easy to see why – they’re both very practical and appealing to look at in a home office.

6. Elegant home offices

Rich, dark wood is nothing more than spectacular, and it works so well in a home office. The look is not only rich and elegant, it can also take on a more masculine look and feel. Deep rich woods all around, from floor, to walls, even the ceiling, is a classic office look that continues to be a trending decor theme today. An elegant desk, classic leather executive chair, and beautiful area rug in the center of the room, complete the look.

7. Use horizontal and vertical space

Smaller office require using all of your space resources, which may mean that you have to take your storage needs upward. This office is surrounded with beautiful shelving from floor-to-ceiling and it’s a great look for storing all those books and artifacts that inspire you while you work. Creating gorgeous floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall shelves gives the room ample space for foot traffic as well as space to set a beautiful desk and two sophisticated leather chairs for relaxing, or visiting with clients.

8. Light and airy enlarges small offices

This office is bright, light and airy. You would hardly feel like you are in an office if you were sitting at the desk working on your bills or latest work project. Light, neutral colors were used to keep the look simple and classic. Natural light streams in from two windows sets the mood for the room, which is bright and cheery. Despite the small space, the room naturally looks and feels larger just from the choice of color palette and furniture pieces that are scaled to fit the smaller square footage.

9. Make room for clients

If working from home means having clients come to your home office to conduct business, you’ll need and want ample work space for the both of you. No matter the size of your home office, if you conduct business with clients in your office, finding a desk, or table that allows you plenty of space to work comfortably with your client is important. Trending now are desk units with dual-sided usage for more work space like you see in the picture above. Ergo designed chairs give you and your client the comfort you need and require to stay comfortable during lengthy meetings or work hours.

10. Personal items motivate productivity

Unlike a regular business office, you have complete control over the way you decorate your personal home office. Studies have shown that certain items in a work space can increase your level of productivity, and items that are often mentioned are plants and personal items. When you work in an office away from home you may not have the option of setting up a personal shrine of pictures or other decor items that give you good vibes and make you feel good. One trend that has been around forever, and will probably always be popular for home offices is to incorporate personal items that make you feel good when you have them around, whether it’s pictures of you on vacation, your favorite piece of artwork, beautiful plants that cheer you up, or anything else that motivates you and increases your level of productivity.

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