10 Desk Lamps Perfect for the Modern Office

Modernism is a popular mode of design for the home and office. It’s clean, neat lines with sharp designs and unique styling. When designing your modern office, you will want to take the lighting into consideration. Desk lamps are a typical feature to see in any office. They help light up your work space to make it easier to see what you’re working on when seated at your desk. They especially come in handy if your desk is far away from natural light, or it doesn’t get adequate light from overhead fixtures. As important as it is to have a lamp that is functional, it also important to choose the right desk lamp to fit the style and décor of your office so that everything flows with the same look, feel, and vibe. If your décor theme is modern, then choose a desk lamp with modern details. If you need ideas, here are 10 modern desk lamps that are perfect for a modern office.

1. Fugetek FT-L798 LED Desk Lamp -$24.49

The Fugetek modern desk lamp is an LED desk lamp that gives you multiple choices in brightness for whatever your lightning needs are. Five different settings, which gives you the ultimate control in change of lighting. Plus, you can control the changes with a touch sensitive dimmer for easier control. Are you sensitive to light? This is one lamp that is easy on the eyes. There’s no flickering, which can aggravate eyes while working, reading, and studying. The lamp also has added features, such as the ability to charge smart phones with USB charging port, and set the timer for auto-turn off in one hour. Simple, beautiful, and very modern. Check out the Fugetek desk lamp here, then order yours for just $24.49.

2. Tao Tronics LED desk lamp – $29.99

For modern design offices, the Tao Tronics gives you every bit of the modernistic look you want, with all of the functionality of a great desk lamp. You have the choice of 5 color modes of lighting to suit your mood, and 11 levels of brightness to cater to the different tasks and different amounts of light you need. The rotatable lamp head and arm allow you to adjust the light where you need to flow. You can achieve any angle of lighting, from 90 degrees left or right adjustments, to 135 degrees up and down. The light is steady and easy on the eyes. There is no flicker so you can work the hours you need without eye strain.

3. Desk Lamp LED, for Office, Dorm, or Bedside Modern White Light – $14.95

Perfect for any dorm room or office, this modern LED desk lamp is simple and elegant, using the modern shapes of circles for both head and base. It is movable so that you can adjust it to any height or position that you need for the most optimum lighting. The lamp adds a warm lighting to the area without adding heat, which is a nice feature. It’s also lightweight, weighing only 2 pounds, yet it is sturdy so that during an accidental bump to it, it won’t turn over. The LED  bulb is a 6W LED bulb, and cool to touch, cooler than other desk lamp bulbs. You can choose from a variety of colors: Red, Blue, Black or White.

4. WILIT U2 5W, dimmable LED desk lamp, leather-like office desk lamp, folding table lamp – $28.99

A very cool desk lamp, is this Wilt U2 5W desk lamp that gives you multiple functions in just one lighting device. This is a great lamp to use at a desk, on a bedside table, or dorm room. Designed with a swan-type neck, you can maneuver the neck to shine the light in a range of directions, angles, and heights. The range of motion is about 150 degrees, meaning lots of lighting options. The LED bulb puts out a warm light that is bright enough to work by, yet not overpowering and heating, a nd can be adjusted to 3 different grades just by touching the high sensitive dimmer. Some of the fantastic features include, lamp, calendar, alarm clock, and thermometer. You can switch off the glowing display screen light at night, to keep it from disturbing you while you sleep.

5. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp – World’s First Desk Lamp for Monitors – $189.00

This is the first desk lamp for monitors, which means that it works very well on your desktop near your computer. It is moveable and adjustable to suit the angle you need the best lighting aimed for. The lamp also offers mood lighting, meaning that you can switch the lighting to warmer tones that are perfect for reading or in times of higher concentrating when harsh lighting can be disruptive. A built-in ambient sensor will automatically detect the level of lighting in the room and then automatically adjust itself to a level of brightness, accordingly. The design is unique, with a wave-like design for the head. It’s sheik and modern, and will work in any modernly designed office. See if this is the lamp for your modern office by looking at this link. If you want to order one, it’s a bit pricier than some, but the features are what sets this lamp apart, so it will set you back about $189.00.

6. Adesso 3235-01 Draper 2-Light Desk Lamp, Smart Outlet Compatible– $59.99

Twice the light is nice. When you need a little more light on your desk, this double-poled desk lamp is one that will give you more light with two satin poles that extend into a V-shape from the base. The shades are coned-shape and vented, for added light trails, and the insides of the cones are white in color, to help reflect the light in the best possible way. A three-way steel rotary switch, which can be found on the base, controls the 60W bulbs. When not using the rotary control, you can simply switch it on and off when it’s set at its highest setting. The modern design will fit in any modern office design theme, and works with a smart outlet for your convenience.

7. Seenda LED Desk Lamp – $15.99

Have you seen a desk lamp like this before? Modern design is really creating unique looks for desk lamps today, and they are as artistic as they are functional. This Seenda LED desk lamp is one that is designed to be used as a desk lamp, tabletop, bedside and cabinet lighting. It is a great source of light for reading and working at your desk, and it acts as a charging station so that you can accomplish what you need to while your devices, such as your iPhone and tablet, charge away. Multi LED lights are used to help reduce energy usage and the aluminum construction of the lamp helps to transfer heat so that your bulbs last longer. Here is  the link you can go to, to see more.

8. Boyon Modern Wooden Design Desk Lamp and Bluetooth Speaker (Multifunction lamp) – $24.99

Boyon created a unique modern wooden designed desk lamp that gives you more than just light. It also functions as a Bluetooth speaker, compatible to most Bluetooth devices. You can use the light in three separate modes to create just the amount of light you need. Dimmer light for reading and relaxing, to the highest light mode for working, or put it in night light mode for sleeping. The wooden-laminate finish is classy, modern, and goes with just about any modern look you’ve created in your office.

9. Elegant Designs LT2029-BSN Mini Modern Banker’s Desk Lamp Touch Control Base, Brushed Nickel – $26.25

Beautifully designed, this modern, mini-banker’s lamp is in brushed nickel, giving it an exquisite look and modern appeal that will add a touch of class to any modern office. The curved arm and marble glass shade add to the elegant design. It’s fashionable and charming, and when you need to have different amounts of light for your different tasks, just adjust the light by a simple touch from the base. There are four to choose from: low, med, high, and off.


10. Etekcity Wireless, Dimmable, Color LED Desk Lamp – $19.98

Beautiful and really unique, this modern wireless desk lamp has a lot to offer in the way of design and looks. It is a sleek, white bendable lamp neck that sits on a colorful base for a fun, spunky look. You can adjust the neck to any angle for better light in a range of positions, and it works by simply dragging your finger along the spectrum ring, located on the base, and find your perfect lighting hue for the task you are working on, whether it is the computer, reading, paper work, or anything else. The Fatigue free, soft and energy efficient LED light provides all the brightness you need, without eye strain and fatigue. It also operates on battery, and it’s rechargeable.

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