The Five Best Bathroom Heat Lamps Money Can Buy

It can be tough to achieve the ideal heat in your bathroom, especially in the winter months. It’s not much fun to step out into freezing air after you get out of a toasty warm bath or shower. If you don’t have thermostatically controlled heat in your bathroom, the best solution is to install a heat lamp.

These portable, wall mounted lamps can ward off the cold and create a comfortable environment in your bathroom when it’s cold outside. To help you find the best choice for your situation, here are the 5 best bathroom heat lamps that money can buy, for your consideration.

5. General 15025 R7s base infrared heat lamp bulb

This is one of the best possible heat lamps for bathroom use. It’s made to perfectly warm an area of up to 1,200 square feet. It is a complete unit that is powered by electricity, and features a lifetime filter for easy cleaning and maintenance through vacuuming.

It’s made with galvanized steel and electrical cord that quickly distributes heat outwards. When compared with space heaters, this is an energy saving lamp that operates quietly without making annoying noise.

It is equipped with an enhanced dual heat system with an auto shut off if it runs for over 13 hours. It distributes up to 70% more heat than other heater types and it is made with an overheat safety feature. The electric thermostat is built in with a remote control system and a high and low setting. The unit comes with caster wheels and a stand mode. It runs on 110 volts.

4. Philips 415836 250 Watt Heat Lamp

This heat lamp is one of the Philips brand’s most current models. It’s available in a variety of shapes and sizes, but the most notable feature are the quality, stability, and performance.

This lamp in made with quality materials and components for durability, and it comes with a 2 year warranty. It’s portable and operates quietly. It can be used in any space in the house. The lamp is pivotal so you can adjust it to reach any cold spots in the bathroom for customized comfort on cold winter days.

This lamp is equipped with an auto adjusted thermostat control system. It’s constructed of tubular steel for extra strength and it runs 1500 watts with high and low fan settings so you can set the level of warmth it projects. The handle is made for a solid grip that is comfortable with a built-in facility. It’s lightweight and easy to handle.

3. Panasonic FV-11VHL2

This is a heat lamp that is made of tubular stainless steel for the sheathed heating element that optimally transfers heat at a rate of 110 cubic feet per minute. It heats bathroom spaces rapidly.

This unit operates quietly with a noise level of just 0.7 sone.This is one of the quietest bathroom heat lamps on the market today. It contains 2 fluorescent lamps with a main 18 watt lamp and a 4 watt for a night light. It’s equipped with a ventilation fan that is made to save energy while moving large volumes of air. Although it’s a bit on the expensive side, it’s one of the best bathroom heat lamps that money can buy. It comes with a 3 year warranty.

2. Broan NuTone 162 Type I Infrared Single-Bulb Ceiling Heater with Fan

The Broan NuTone is a high quality combination heater and fan. It heats your bathroom with a 250 watt R40 infrared bulb which is sold separately from this unit. It’s button control and installs easily with mounting brackets and keyhole slots.

It’s low maintenance thanks to the permanently lubricated motor. This also extends the life of the unit for years to come. This combination fan and heat lamp bathroom warmer operates at 3.5 sones which means that it runs fairly quietly. You can enjoy a relaxing bath while listening to your favorite music without interference from the noise of the fan.

The efficient ventilation fan provides high quality performance for instant warmth in your bathroom when you need it the most. It features an attractive white grille which hides much of the inner workings to provide a decorative aesthetic when installed into your ceiling. The grille and the bulbs are the only parts that show.

1. Air King AK917 Bulb Heater with Exhaust Fan, Single

The AK917 is a heat lamp that comes with a built-in exhaust fan in one convenient unit. The bulb is sold separately from the base unit. This attractive bathroom heat lamp is available in a white or cream colored grill that measures 10 inches in width and 10 inches in depth. The grille is made of polymeric material with a one piece blower wheel.

The unit operates quietly at 3.5 sones. It mounts on the ceiling with adjustable hanging brackets that are included with the kit for easy installation. This unit is designed uniquely to protect against back drafts with a metal connection collar and built-in damper.

The heat is produced by two 250 watt type R-40 infrared heat lamps which are purchased separately. This provides an ample supply of silent heating for bathrooms. It’s our choice for the best heat lamp for bathrooms that money can buy because of its ability to provide circulation of the heat via the fan. Air King is a brand that is recognized for its quality and high performance.

The air flow capacity is 60 cubic feet per minute for instant heating of cold spots in the room. It warms cold rooms when the temperature drops outside. The option of white or cream color makes it easier to choose a grille that fits in with your bathroom decor for an attractive appearance.

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