20 Walk In Closets That Could Be Their Own Apartments

Closet space is a must for most people. In today’s world, we all seem to appreciate the storage space a big closet gives and today, it seems like big walk-in closets are just getting bigger. While many builders are making master suite closets large, some builders are building walk-in closets so large that they could literally be used as an apartment.

Many of the wealthy, as well as famous celebrities are notorious for showing off their oversized walk-in closets. Large walk-ins are often times designed with unique features to cater to the specific needs and desires of the homeowner, whether it be to add windows, a separate dressing room, sitting room, elaborate shelving and storage units.

Anything is possible today, and if it can be dreamt of and designed, it probably already exists in someone’s walk-in closet. Some walk-in closets are so large and luxurious, they are like apartments in themselves. Some walk-in closets are simply out-of-this-world with space and features. For the average person, it’s hard to imagine that a closet could be as big as an apartment, but they’re intriguing to look at and admire.

Must-have features

If you are in the process of designing a large walk-in master closet and need ideas on what you should include, there are plenty of ideas that can help you design the perfect, large walk-in that will make your closet so luxurious, you could probably live in it. Some of the nicest features that will make your large walk-in functional, luxurious, even livable, include:

  • Sitting area

A sitting area has become one of the most popular features in a large walk-in closet. Everyone knows how exhausting it can be to get dressed, right? If you have a lot of clothing items you’ve got to rummage through on a daily basis to decide what to wear, you may want to take breaks and sit a while, while you decide. This is where a sitting area comes in handy in your closet.  A comfortable couch, some chairs and a couple of tables in your closet can make a nice place to relax, admire your belongings, or have a chat with your spouse or friend.

  • Drawers

There seems like there can never be enough drawer space, especially for some people. Well, drawers aren’t just in dressers anymore. In large walk-in closets, some people dedicate a whole wall or two to just drawers. Like shelving units, you can have just units of drawers built into your walk-in or designate a whole separate room in your walk-in for just drawers and never have to worry about a shortage of drawer space again.

  • Shelves

Like drawers, shelf space is another must-have. Large walk-in master suite closets have plenty of shelving. Some large walk-in closets have multiple areas of the closet that boast of shelf space to organize handbags, shoes and other items on. You can also design a separate room where all there is, are shelves for storage.

  • Fireplace

Yes, some very large walk-in master suite closets even have a fireplace built in, which really give you the feeling that you are in an apartment as opposed to a closet. The rich and famous know that a large walk-in closet feels much cozier with a roaring fire in the background while you’re getting dressed and it is definitely one of the most luxurious features that you’ll find in a large walk-in closet.

  • Island

Islands don’t just come in handy in the kitchen, having an island in your walk-in closet is a nice touch and can come in handy while you’re getting your outfit ready for the day. Having counter space in your large walk-in serves is multi-functional and a must-have for many people who have a closet that looks more like an apartment.

  • Lighting

Lighting is important in any room, and many people who have large walk-in master suites feel it’s important in there as well. Like the main living space of your home, choosing the right lighting can set the mood for that room and make it more functional and welcoming. You can achieve the perfect lighting by using different types of lighting in all the areas of the room. In a large walk-in closet, it is not uncommon to see windows throughout to allow for more natural light. Natural light is the best form of light in any room, and it works well in a large walk-in closet too. If the design of your home allows for windows to be installed in your large walk-in master suite, why not? It’s just one more feature that can make a large walk-in feel more like an apartment than a closet.

  • Bathroom

If you have the space to put a bathroom in your walk-in closet, then you are definitely creating a real living space. Many people with large walk-in closets like having the convenience of a bathroom right there where they will be gathering their clothes for the day and getting ready. A bathroom in a large walk-in closet is convenient, it can be a practical feature, and it is right at the top of the list for creating a closet that is fit for living in.

  • TV

Some people just have to have a television in every room, and a large walk-in closet is the perfect place to have one or more televisions for those who like to watch their favorite shows while they’re getting dressed. Televisions are common in bathrooms today, so why not install one or more in a large walk-in master suite and really create a livable space?

Oversized walk-in master suits are much more common today than what we saw in even the 80’s. Years ago, all closet spaces were either small, or practically non-existent but those days are gone. Builders are building bigger and better closets to help people store, organize, and function more comfortably in their homes. Some features people are adding to their large walk-in closets may seem over-the-top to some, but those who have these massive closets with the more-than-ample square footage and luxurious features, feel the space is needed and warranted. Here are 20 walk-in closets that could be their own apartment.

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