20 Small Closet Design Ideas with Ample Space

Closet space with ample storage is an important part of your home, however, not all homes are designed with large closets, like apartments, homes that lack in square footage, and the new, popular tiny homes. So where do you store all your clothes, shoes and other items that you would like keep organized in a closet? According to Penny Saver Plus, there are ways you can make the most out of a small closet to make it look and feel larger than it really is so that you have the ability to store more in it without compromising on neatness and organization. If you suffer from lack of closet space in your small home or apartment, take a look at these tips and storage ideas that can help you turn your small closet into a more organize and workable closet that feels bigger than it really is.


The first step to giving you more space, is to help free-up space for what you do use and wear by eliminating clothes, shoes, and accessories you don’t. Any closet can become cramped and overloaded if you keep too much clutter in it. This can mean getting rid of more than clothes and shoes that have moved to your “do-not-wear” list. Chunky hangers take up a lot of space, as well as those plastic dry-cleaning bags you bring your clothes home in. Thin hangers free-up much needed hanging space, as well as removing that group of unused hangers that tend to collect between clothing items. Speaking of hangers, creating a hanger-waterfall can add a great deal of hanging space. Simply hang hangers from hangers to add another level of hanging space. Another way to organize hanging clothes for more space is to organize your hanging clothes by length to add more floor space to your closet. Keep long, flowing clothes at one end of your closet and short hanging items on the other to open-up more floor space. With more usable floor space, you’ll be able to add storage devices for more organization options.

Utilize all your space from top-to-bottom

You may feel like the only usable storage area is in the middle of the closet, and only where the hanging racks are, or the most reachable shelves are. When you have to work with a small closet, it’s important to use all the closet space, from the floor to the ceiling and this may include putting things up on that top shelf or rack that you don’t often use. Real Simple suggests using dividers on the top shelf to make it easier to organize, and to reach items up high. Placing items like purses, shoe boxes, etc., between dividers allows you to reach and grab an item without having multiple items tumble down with it.

Use your corners to your advantage

A corner might seem like it’s not of much use, but you can actually make your closet corners be a part of your storage space by adding a corner shelving unit. You can find wire corner units and units made by Rubbermaid to use for storing any number of things. For very small corners, a corner shower shelving unit can be extended from floor-to-ceiling with small corner-shaped shelves that are great for storing small items, like scarves, folded T-shirts and other items.

Add free-standing shelves or a dresser

If your closet is only equipped with hanging rods, adding your shelves can give you more storage options. Free-standing shelving units come in different sizes, from different widths to tall or short units. Sliding a shelving unit into your closet will give you more space for storing folded clothing items as well as free up some hanging space for your hangables. According to The Spruce, you can even create your own shelves in your closet with wood blocks and a wood plank that sets on top. Making them yourself allows you to customize the size of the shelves. If you have enough space, you may prefer a dresser, and a dresser with deep drawers allows you to store more items in one space.

If you suffer with a small closet and have been looking for ways to optimize it, then keep scrolling to see 20 small closet ideas with ample space to help get you started with your small closet design

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