20 Beautiful Closet Designs Incorporating Drawers

Closets can be one of the most dreaded spaces in your bedroom, or they can one of the best assets, especially if they are roomy enough to get your clothing and other personal items organized so that everything has its own space and you know exactly where everything is. One of the easiest ways to get this level of organization is to incorporate drawers into your closet, and depending on your organizational needs and the size of your closet, you can incorporate a whole wall of drawers into your closet space, or simply add a free-standing unit of drawers to house specific personal items that you’d rather have stowed neatly away. If you have wanted to get your closet more organized and are looking for ways to do this then we have some ideas you might like that use drawers as a way to do this.

Drawer organizers

While basic, open-spaced drawers can help you organize many different things in your closet, from clothing items to accessories, sometimes you need ways to organize things within a drawer. Drawers are great for stashing away more than just T-shirts, shorts or jeans. They can hold things like belts, scarves, socks and much more, but tossing certain accessories into a drawer can quickly become unorganized and disheveled, and hard to locate particular items. One way to help organize a drawer is with cut pieces of PVC piping. Cut PVC pipes to fit the height of the drawer and place several pieces in the drawer to create rows of empty tubes to store pairs of socks, scarves, hosiery, or any other items you want to be able to find easily, and at a glance without ruffling through a jumbled pile of items. Holiday ornament boxes work just as well, especially for paired socks, so save those ornament boxes and get creative with your closet drawers.

Have a variety of drawer sizes

When planning the design of your closet organizer with drawers, plan it with several different sizes of drawers to help you organize different types of clothing items and accessories. Small drawers can be a great way to get belts, scarves, types of undergarments, and other small accessories organized and neatly stashed without digging through heaps of accessories and garments in larger sized drawers. Bigger drawers give you more space, so organize larger clothing items in the larger drawers for a more practical storage solution.

Use dividers in your drawers

When it comes to things like undergarments, most people have a variety of types they wear. Using dividers in undergarment drawers helps to keep specific items in their own space without getting jumbled up into a heap of unorganized mess. There are many different types of dividers you can use, from store bought, to dividers you create your self. If you don’t want to spend a lot on drawer dividers, you can make your own easy enough, out of cardboard or a piece of wood. Or purchase a stylish drawer divider that fits your drawer size, style and budget.

Jewelry drawers

Jewelry drawers are a cool way to untangle that overcrowded jewelry box that is so quick to become cluttered and disorganized. Inside an average jewelry box, it’s next to impossible to store your jewelry pieces in a way that makes each piece easy to see. More often, you have to pick through your jewelry pieces to find a pair of matching earrings, or dig through a clump of bracelets to find the perfect one to wear out that night. If you have a collection of jewelry that you want to store in a neater, more organized fashion, jewelry drawers are a great solution  to cramped, disorganized jewelry boxes. These shallow drawers are lined with velvet or another soft material, designed specifically for laying your special jewelry collection on, keeping them safe, damage-free, and easy to access.

To make the best use out of your drawers in your closet, one tip is to take time to sort through all your clothes and organize a “keep” pile and “get rid of” pile. Since part of the idea of a walk-in closet is to get more organized, getting rid of clutter will help you organize your belongings more efficiently, and keep it that way. For more inspiring ideas, take a look at the following 20 beautiful closet designs incorporating drawers.

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