20 Beautiful Modern Closet Ideas

Nothing says luxury like a beautiful modern walk-in closet. For those who love the complete organization of their clothing items and accessories, a spacious walk-in closet with all the latest organizational trends can give you the upper hand when it comes to having a place for everything, and everything in its place. Walk-ins come in all different sizes and shapes, and you don’t necessarily have to have the largest walk-in to have it be optimally functional, or of course, beautiful. Modern home decor has remained one of the most popular types of decor themes for generations. It’s neat, clean, and creates a fresh look for any room in the home, so of course, if your master bedroom is outfitted in a modern design, you probably already know that continuing the modernistic scheme into your walk-in is a great way to keep the look and appeal seamlessly flowing. No matter what size walk-in you plan to design, there are probably certain elements that are must-haves, and others you’ll want to consider to make it a perfectly gorgeous walk-in closet you’ll love to use every day. Here are some tips for designing your own gorgeous walk-in closet.

Consider what you need most

What types of clothes do you have the most of? Thinking about your wardrobe and accessories helps you decide what elements will be the most important to your closet design.

  • Hanging racks – If you have a lot of hanging clothes, plenty of rack room will be a key component to your walk-in. Multiple layers of hanging racks help organize different sized clothing items, from shirts to pants, jackets and bulky coats.
  • Shelves – Sweaters and other clothing items you prefer folded on shelves, consider adding multiple shelving areas where you can organize a variety of clothing items, from jeans, to T-shirts, sweaters, and more. Glass shelves are a great way to display other accessories, like purses or decorative boxes with other stored items.
  • Drawers – Drawers are a great addition to a walk-in closet. Keep smaller apparel items hidden away and more organized by installing a self-standing unit of drawers, or have drawers included in one of the larger wall units. Socks, scarves, belts and other accessories are easy to find when they’re kept in a drawer that’s easily accessible.
  • Closed cabinets – Consider a few closed cabinets in your walk-in if you plan to keep blankets, sheets, or other linen-type items that don’t hang or store easily on an open shelf. They’re neatly hidden away and at close-hand when you need them.


Lighting is essential in a walk-in closet. You not only want your lighting to be practical and functional, but for a luxurious appeal, consider installing lighting specifically for creating a sense of ambiance to give the space a more elegant and inviting allure. In a spacious walk-in, an beautiful modern chandelier hanging above can provide both functional and ambient lighting tones.

Other accessories

To keep the flow of a modern look to your walk-in closet, choose a modern-style ottoman or chair for sitting when dressing or just looking around your closet for something to wear. A decorative modern mirror can act as both a functional element, as well as they are great for giving a small space a helping hand in adding visual square footage to enhance the size of the room. They are also great light reflectors for a brighter, more airy feel in a darkened space.

Add a plush area rug

If you don’t have carpet that extends into the walk-in, a warm, plush modern rug can give your walk-in the added decor to help cozy-up the closet and make it more comfortable on the feet. Walking around a hardwood floor in the early morning can feel hard and cold, especially if you tend to spend quality time in your walk-in trying to decide what to wear for the day. Make getting dressed a more comfortable and luxurious experience by giving your floor a warm covering to pamper your feet.

Designing a beautiful modern closet for your bedroom can be fun and exciting. You can make the walk-in as luxurious and as tailored to your specific needs as you want, or keep the layout more simple and general. No matter what you choose, we have 20 beautiful modern closet ideas for you to view and help you get started planning your own design.

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