Check Out Charlton Heston’s $12 Million House in Beverley Hills, CA

Charlton Heston was an award-winning Hollywood actor who enjoyed a successful career that lasted for 60 years, and who was at the height of his fame during the 1950s and 1960s. His professional success made him a wealthy man, and this allowed him to buy a luxurious home in Beverley Hills. The actor’s former home is now on the market for $12.249 million. Heston was born in Illinois on October 4, 1923. He began his career in 1941, and he did not retire from acting until 2002 when he announced that he had been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, says Wikipedia. For his performance in the 1956 epic film ‘The Ten Commandments,’ Heston won a Golden Globe Award for Best Actor. He then won an Oscar for Best Actor for his performance in the 1959 film ‘Ben-Hur.’ Some of the other films in which he had roles included ‘The Greatest Show on Earth,’ ‘Secret of the Incas,’ ‘The Big Country,’ ‘Touch of Evil,’ ‘Planet of the Apes,’ ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told,’ and ‘El Cid.’

In addition to his work as an actor, Charlton Heston had a political career. Although he was originally in the Democratic Party, he became a Republican in 1971. He was also a five-term president of the National Rifle Association from 1998 to 2003, when he retired due to his Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis. Charlton Heston married Lydia Clarke in 1944. The couple had two children together; a daughter, Holly Ann Heston, and a son, Fraser Clarke Heston. They lived together in their Beverley Hills home, where Heston died from pneumonia on April 5, 2008. It is his family home where he lived with his wife and was also the place of Heston’s death, that is on the market for $12. 249 million.

An Overview of Charlton Heston’s Former Home

According to Home Stratosphere, Charlton Heston and his family lived in this Beverley Hills property for 56 years. The 9,667-square-foot property sits on three acres and boasts panoramic mountain views. as it is in the Santa Monica Mountains. Charlton Heston bought the plot of land in the Coldwater Canyon area of Beverley Hills for his home in 1959. He made this purchase just after he won the Oscar for Ben-Hur. He and his wife then hired architect William S. Becket to design the property for them. While the building was underway, Heston and his wife often visited the plot to check the progress and to make sure the house met all their needs.

Inside the Beverley Hills Property

Inside Charlton Heston’s former home, there are many interesting features that you will not find in other homes. Therefore, it is impressive in terms of both its size and the fact that the property is unique. For example, there is a three-story artist’s studio that is accessed via an elevator. There is also an observation deck in this section of the property, a screening room, a bathroom, and a guest bedroom. The artist’s studio is a light and airy space with white walls, light wood flooring, and large windows that overlook the mountains. The house’s main living space is magnificent, with a double-height ceiling and a two-story section that is used as a library to house a large book collection. The balcony from the living room has an office that overlooks the library, which has moving ladders to access the books on the higher shelves.

A second living area is a cozier space, and it is ideal for use as a family room. The walls are decorated in blue and beige shades, with furniture and soft furnishings to match this color scheme. Shelving on opposite walls display personal items and books, and there are recessed spotlights in the ceiling. There are large windows at one end of the room that overlooks the gardens. In the formal dining room, the main feature is a stone wall that displays a large piece of artwork. Two other walls in this room consist of floor-to-ceiling windows and doors that overlook the beautiful grounds. There is tiled flooring and space for a large dining table and chairs. There are five bathrooms and six bedrooms in this house, which means it has plenty of accommodation and facilities for a large family or guests’ use. The largest of the bedrooms is the master, which has double doors leading to a veranda and large windows offering mountain views. Other features of the master bedroom include a marble vanity unit with sinks and a stone fireplace.

The Exterior of Charlton Heston’s Former Mansion

The exterior of Charlton Heston’s Beverley Hills home is just as impressive as the interior. Sitting on a knoll of approximately three acres, the property has mountain views from wherever you stand in the expansive grounds. Throughout the grounds, there is a combination of lawns, paved areas, and mature landscaping. Leading from the house’s dining room, there is a paved outdoor dining and entertaining area that has a built-in barbecue. It is a great space for hanging out with friends and family while taking advantage of California’s amazing climate. The patio is also the ideal spot for appreciating the beauty of the surroundings.

There are also plenty of leisure activities to enjoy on the grounds of this residence. Most notably, there is a large outdoor swimming pool, and this has a separate spa pool section for relaxation. Surrounding the pool is a paved area with deck chairs. Another outdoor space for relaxation is the meditation area, while the tennis courts offer an activity to enjoy during more energetic moments. As this is a large home that is made for family life or for entertaining lots of guests, parking is a necessity. Fortunately, parking is not an issue at this property as there is enough parking space to accommodate up to 10 cars.

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