Matt Damon’s Former Miami Beach Mansion


If you happen to have $19 million to spare, you could be a potential customer for Matt Damon’s Miami Beach home, which has been placed on the market and patiently waits for a new owner to impress with its large and impressive rooms and not to mention with the splendid views that it offers. When taking a virtual tour of the house, you’ll be able to count 7 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, a gourmet kitchen, a terrace situated on the roof, a wine cellar, theater room and a huge living space. And no, that’s not enough. As if it wasn’t already big enough, the structure which stands on an estimated surface of ½ acre of land is also provided with a guest house, that features two bedrooms and one bath for each of them. The interior design is stylish and cheerful but tends to slightly fade when your attention is focused on the natural surroundings, especially the spectacular view of Biscayne Bay. A pool is the final accessory to the home’s luxurious features and appearance, I really wonder why is Matt selling this lovely looking residence.

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