A Closer Look at George and Amal Clooney’s English Country House

Actor George Clooney and his wife Amal, are by far one of the most watched and talked about couples of Hollywood. Their relationship and lives have fascinated us since the day we heard they were a couple. They’re life seems something like a fairytale, including the beautiful, $10 million English manor they purchased together. The gorgeous English estate sits on a 4-acre island in the middle of the Thames, approximately 40 miles west of London. When the Clooney’s want a getaway from the rest of the world, the home is the perfect retreat for the couple, and when you see what they get to getaway to, it won’t be hard to see why.

The grounds are kept immaculate with English gardens all around. To add to the manor’s English charm, beautiful ivy cover’s the manor’s façade from front-to-back, and the front entrance welcomes you with a neatly manicured gravel drive that leads up to the front door. Gorgeous patios and verandas are all around the home, each with an array of staircases that will lead you down into different areas of the gardens.

Dine in style with friends, family and colleagues in this gorgeous dining room with Herring Bone wood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows that are fitted with luxurious curtains, and a decorative wood-burning stove fireplace. A simple but elegant dining table for ten is just the perfect place to gather for a scrumptious English meal any time.

When you enter the grand foyer, you’ll be greeted with a black and white themed flooring and gorgeous foyer chandelier hanging just inside the front door. Quaint little stairwells lead to different areas of the home; bedrooms, studies, among other rooms. You will see an array of types of wood flooring, all of which add their own sense of character and charm to the large English Manor. You’ll be intrigued at every twist and turn of the Clooney’s English home, and all the details that have been so thoughtfully put into every inch of its design.

Just looking at the grounds will make you want to leisurely stroll through the gardens and savor the breathtaking scenery that’s full of greenery, flowers, and magnificent old trees that have spent countless years maturing in order to create the masterpiece it is today. The entire acreage is meticulously groomed to perfection and can be enjoyed from the countless windows of the old English home, from the numerous verandas around the home, or by walking through the grounds and seeing the beauty up close.

Amal is photographed enjoying a cup of coffee or tea in her luscious sunroom that is bursting with lush, greenery and flowering plants. An orange tree grows in the background. What better way is there to relax over a hot drink than to enjoy it surrounded by such a beautiful garden? Whether you start your day or end your day here, you can’t help but find yourself connecting with nature in this beautiful area of the home.

All of the rooms are designed with rich, English design details, such as herring bone wood floors, a wood burning fireplace and detailed crown molding. In the kitchen, the Clooney’s can retreat to a patio off of the far end of the room through a set of beautiful French doors. The dining room boasts a fireplace for making a dinner gathering, that much warmer and quaint, along with a spectacular chandelier that hangs over the long dining table that’s fit for a king. Each of the rooms has its own style and charm to draw you into the feel of English living. Elegant furnishings are all around you, with each piece thoughtfully adding to the home’s beauty and uniqueness. This includes the wide array of artwork that decorates the walls, and art décor pieces that are displayed throughout the manor.

Getting a good workout in is easy when you have your own workout room, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and a beautiful space to do it. Mirrors line the walls in the workout room that boasts beautiful wood floors and walls. Aside a very well stocked gym, the Clooney’s also enjoy their own private steam room and spa. They lack for nothing when it comes to taking care of their physical appearance and relaxation needs.

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