Celerie Kemble Creates the Pattern-Perfect Family Home

Celerie Kemble is a well-known designer who works with her mother out of a design firm base in Palm Beach. She fell in love with interior design and after graduating from Harvard, she decided to put her passion and skill to work for others, creating beautiful places that fit the person, and help to “put the person in the pace.” Her designs are known to be crisp, clean, aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and full of patterns. When one family enlisted her to help design their home, Kemble couldn’t resist, especially because the young couple was already friends with Kemble, and they just trusted her instincts and knowledge about about everything to do with interior design.

The home Kemble had been enlisted to work with and design, would be somewhat of a challenge. The family needed a home that was suited for the big sofa-lifestyle although its bones were constructed with smaller than normal cottage-style rooms and the layout of the home needed use of Kemble’s creativity due to its low ceilings and odd angles. But it was full of charm and there wold be no construction needed. What Kemble would do would all be done with her design techniques to create the pattern-perfect family home. Here is more about this spectacular home. Keep scrolling to see the finished product of some of the rooms Kemble filled with her casual but elegant style.

The master bedroom boasts multiple hues of blues, from cornflower stripes on the wall to sky blues on throw pillows, and a darker velvety blue headboard. The colors compliment the accentual golds and yellows in accent pieces, such as the pillow shams and throw pillows, and the two nightstand lamps. White plays a primary role in the decor theme to help all the colors come together well, and really pop.

Off to the side of the master bedroom, is a small area that functions as both a dressing area and work place. The white and cornflower blue striped paper continues into the room and not only opens the space by adding visual height with the stripes, but it brightens the space, too.

The living room is full of eye candy with all the patterns and color combos going on. Blue walls, reds, corals and salmon, it’s a color wheel of multiple gorgeous hues that all work together to create ea beautiful, warm and welcoming room. The raffia-wrapped chandelier with blue shades fits right in with the style of coffee table and the spectacular, detailed fireplace makes a great focal point for the room.

The entry boasts a beautiful antique rug and a 19-century Latvian armoire that is one of the most notable pieces in the house. A Lostine hat rack hangs in the foyer as a catchall for bags, hats, jackets and more. The wall sconce with tiny shades adds a nice touch to the armoire and adds a bit of light in a corner that probably doesn’t get much after dark.

Across the room of the entry way is a gorgeous, and very interesting textured Noir table with two slide under stools. The table houses family pictures and two Regina Andrew lamps. Although the entry room is spacious, the large diagonal gray and white patterns on the floor help to enlarge the look and feel of the room.

The quaint little kitchen is open and airy with the large over-the-sink window and light and bright color choices. White cabinetry matched with black counter tops are complimented by pink and blue color combos in the throw rug, and the pink pleated window treatments inside the glass cabinets. The small bar area is the perfect place for two slide-under backless stools, and the doorway to the kitchen is framed with beautiful built-in glass cabinets that help to enlarge each room with the open concept.

A little alcove is the perfect place to relax and read or play games, which is what this little game table, outfitted with four vintage chairs, is designed for. The moss green trim surrounds you, and is complimented with neutral textured paper walls in- between, and a pretty fruit pattern wallpaper hangs on the ceiling. The doors of the alcove open up to an outdoor dining area.

Just behind the alcove, the gorgeous moss green trails into a sitting room that boasts two sofas and over-sized sitting chair. Patterns and textures are all around in this room, and they all work together to create a warm, cozy space for reading and relaxing. Open bookshelves sit at the end of the room next to the alcove, and a large wood slat coffee table is the perfect place to stack your favorite books for reading.

Kemble balanced texture, color and pattern well with this treasure of a home and you can feel the warmth just by looking at the pictures. There is something subtle yet distinct about her design theme, and it is one that has the ability to warm just about any space.


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