Check Out Villa Neo: An $80 Million House in St. Barts

Villa Neo

St. Barts, which is officially called St.Barthelemy, is one of the Caribbean islands. It is an overseas collectivity of France, so there is a strong French influence on this location’s history, culture, and food. St. Barts’ closest neighboring islands are the Caribbean island of Saint Martin and the Dutch islands of Saba and Sint Eustatius.

Other nearby islands are Saint Kitts and Nevis. The island had a poor economy in the past due to various social issues and natural disasters, including slavery, pirate attacks, hurricanes, and fires. However, St. Barts has now become a tourist destination aimed at the luxury end of the market, due to its fantastic climate, surrounding coral reefs, and white sandy beaches.

Not only is St. Barts somewhere that people want to vacation, but it is also increasingly attracting people who want to live on the island. One reason for this is technological improvements that allow people to work remotely, so they can choose to live in locations that offer a better lifestyle without limiting themselves to living within a commutable distance to the office. St. Barts is particularly appealing to those with a high budget who can afford to buy or build waterfront properties and who have enough money to travel back and forth to different locations as and when the need arises.

Villa Neo

The Largest Property on St. Barts

Recently, one of the most stunning properties on St. Barts has been listed for sale. At 17,000-square-feet, Villa Neo is also one of the island’s most prominent residences. The property will probably retain its title as one of the largest properties in St. Barts, as new legislation and building restrictions now prohibit the construction of anything bigger than 12,000-square-feet.

The mansion was constructed in 2018 and was designed by renowned architect Patrick Raffeneau. It is owned by Doug Barrowman, a Scottish businessman who is best known as the founder of the Know Group of Companies. Barrowman has now decided it is time to sell and has put the property on the market for a whopping $80 million.

Villa Neo

Inside Villa Neo: St. Barts’ Largest Mansion

Glass is one of the most prominent materials in this home, as it is this material choice that floods the property with sunlight and gives it its sleek and contemporary appearance. Not only are there substantial floor-to-ceiling windows, but there is also a smart floating glass staircase between the property’s two stories.

In the main living space, there are both living and dining areas. Most parts of this room are double-height, with a lower ceiling height where a corridor on the upper floor connects the two sides of the second story. The living space is partially floored with large tiles, with a section of wood flooring running through the center. Double doors lead out to the courtyard from this room.

The contemporary kitchen has light gray, no-handles cabinetry running along one wall, while bottom cabinets run opposite so there is a view through to the living area. It is also open at both ends. The ceiling boasts both strip lighting and spotlights. According to the Robb Report, the kitchen is equipped with Gaggenau appliances. Central to the kitchen is an island, which runs the entire length of the space. Not only does the island provide a large work surface, but it also houses the sink, hob, and under-counter storage.

Villa Neo

Above the island is a large extractor. On the mansion’s upper story, the bedrooms are arranged around a large space that has balconies overlooking the rooms below. Some glass sections of the floor give views from the upstairs to downstairs and vice-versa. In this vast house, there are six bedrooms and ten bathrooms.

Therefore, it is equally suitable for a larger family or people who enjoy entertaining guests and having friends and family stay. Alternatively, the property may become a luxurious bed and breakfast or a corporate retreat. There is a fitness suite on the mansion’s lower floor that is kitted out with top-of-the-range equipment.

It has two walls of glass, one that overlooks the courtyard and the other that looks into the house. There is a television on the wall at the end of the fitness suite so the occupier can watch the TV while they are working out. A unique room in this property is what is best to describe as an entertainment room.

While the rest of the house boasts a light, neutral color scheme, the entertainment lounge has a darker theme, with wooden flooring, brown walls, and red furniture. At one end of the room, it is set up as a movie area, with a television screen on the wall that the owner can cover with curtains. There is a two-seater settee, five movie theater-style chairs, and a bar with stools. At the other end of the room, there is a full-sized pool table.

Villa Neo

The Grounds of the Luxurious Island Home

One of the best features of the exterior of this island property is the views. The property’s elevated position close to the coast means there are panoramic views of the Caribbean Sea, the gorgeous sandy beaches, the surrounding properties, and the forest-covered hills beyond. T

he house is arranged around a modern courtyard with a tropical feel as it has bamboos and palm trees. Villa Neo’s courtyard features a covered wooden walkway with a water feature and a stone wall on either side. The backyard is split over two levels due to the property’s hillside location, and the views are equally spectacular on both levels. Directly behind the house, there is a covered wooden deck that extends into the sunshine.

The deck provides ample space to entertain or dine alfresco. From the deck, there are stone steps down to a lower level. On the lower level, there is a huge infinity pool that is surrounded by space for poolside lounging and sunbathing.

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