20 Celebrities With Amazing Apartments in New York City

New York is one of the most celebrity-populated cities in the world. Celebrities love the Big Apple and have settled into many of the areas of the city with SoHo and Manhattan being a couple of the favorites among the stars.

The apartments in New York are some of the most expensive in the nation, but celebrities who decide to settle in the city, have no problem dropping millions on the perfect pad in order to have easy access to the city’s bright lights and entertainment.

Some of the most luxurious celebrity apartments are captured on film and posted for outsiders to get a glimpse into their style and design tastes, and give us a peek into their world. Here is a list of 20 celebrities with amazing apartments in New York City.

1. Donald Trump

Donald Trump now has a new address at the White House, but he still retains his lavish New York apartment where he owns and operates his businesses. His penthouse apartment is in Trump Towers in Manhattan and overlooks Central Park and the Manhattan skyline and has been valued at $100 million dollars.

Gold and marble are throughout the three stories, with gold crown molding lining all the walls, white marble fireplaces are seen on each floor and expensive décor is all about. The penthouse has been compared to the Palace of Versailles where inspiration was probably drawn from. The property was completed in 1983.

2. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka have a beautiful townhouse in New York City that they have decorated to every fine detail with amazing taste and style. Hardwood floors are throughout and they’ve chosen furniture pieces by Room & Board, Powell & Dennis Miller Assoc., along with Arteriors and Trace Lenhoff.

The music room with the grand piano is a quaint room with fabric walls and a large painting by Annie Lapin. In other rooms, the use of light lavenders and neutral colors on the walls, gives the sense of openness and warmth. The two have two children together and it looks like there is plenty of room for the family of four, and two dogs.

3. Kirsten Dunst

Fargo actress, Kirsten Dunst has a little loft in the joint of the SoHo and Tribeca area. It’s an area that has gotten nicer through the years and apartments in the area have gotten pricier. Dunst paid $3 million for her pad back in 2007 and it is a bit quirky and fun.

The warehouse look is one way you may want to describe it, with big, oversized windows in the sitting room, with beautiful hardwoods and lower ceilings and exposed brick walls.

These are features that many people look for in a little loft apartment. She’s also renovated a bathroom and the kitchen is picture-perfect in the big, open floorplan, but cozy abode.

4. Tyra Banks

Super model, Tyra Banks owns a gorgeous 7,000, 5 bedroom and 8 bath apartment in Battery Park, near the tip of Manhattan. She doled out $10,131,587 over ten years ago for the place that includes a paneled library or den, oversized eat in kitchen that boasts of floor-to-ceiling windows to give you amazing views from the north, south, and west views of the river and city.

Being a super model, of course the master suite and dressing room are enormous and beyond luxurious. She has also included many Smart Home technology and has included a fitness room and hair salon in her pad.

5. Mike Myers

Funny man, Mike Myers and his wife, Kelly Tisdale own a four-bedroom, 4 1/2 bath pad in Tribeca that they paid $14.65 million for. The elaborate apartment boasts of 4,241 square feet of space with beautiful marble and stainless steel accents throughout the lavish pad, along with oak parquet floors and acid-etched glass.

It was designed by CetraRuddy architects who gave the kitchen an open look with high ceilings. The apartment is obviously fit for king, and one that even Shrek would love.

6. David Bowie and Iman

David Bowie and super model wife, Iman lived in the 285 Lafayette St. Apartment since 1992, and Iman still remains their since Bowie’s death. The 2,890-square-foot apartment is a four bedroom, 3 1/2 bath pad with five separate terraces to take in different views of the city below.

The builder installed Rutt custom kitchen cabinetry, along with custom French tiles and polished nickel vanities. The posh pad has an entire master suite floor for complete privacy. Two apartments were renovated into one, and Bowie and Iman are said to have purchased the two for $4 million dollars.

7. Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has a beautiful Tribeca apartment and it only set her back $12.85 million dollars. The color scheme is light and airy with lavenders, grays and glorious whites that she elegantly mixed with crystal chandeliers and muted silver wallpaper on certain walls. The apartment also features a spacious, yet intimately designed master suite and the decorating expertise of famed interior designers, Roman and Williams.

8. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore comes from a long lineage of acting and producing in the film industry. She is well known for her films, including her acting debut in the time-honored, ET. She has made a life in the heart of NY City and has an amazing loft-like apartment with more space than she probably knows what to do with. In Barrymore’s 2 story apartment, you will find four bedrooms, a grand library and a cozy kitchen nook. Three of the four bedrooms, plus a changing room are on the second level and there are at least three fireplaces scattered throughout and inviting spa bathroom where she probably retreats to for a little pampering.

9. Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker and her actor husband, Matthew Broderick are no strangers to the New York City area. They have lived in the city for years in apartments, but now they have purchased not one, but two side-by-side townhomes that they are combining into one. There will be major renovation going on to turn the two, into one large, 13,000-plus, square foot living space and will surely be as unique and beautiful as they are as a couple.

10. Taylor Swift

Famed singer/songwriter Taylor Swift has a place in New York City that she calls home. She purchased the loft-style apartment from Lord of the Rings producer, Peter Jackson for $19.95 million and has created an amazing rustic pad, that sits up on the 6th floor. The gorgeous wood floors and exposed wood beamed ceilings give the place, a cozy feel and she has created multiple seating areas with wrap around couches in the sitting room. She also has her grand piano in her apartment which is guarded by a retired NYPD cop for protection.

11. Tommy Hilfiger

You probably wouldn’t expect anything less from Tommy Hilfiger, than to have an elaborate abode, that is as rich looking as his fashion line. The clothes designer has chosen unique designs for his New York apartment with over-the-top décor and lavish artistic touches. He has an expansive collection of Warhols and a private terrace on the $80 million dollar pad and is no doubt, a real eye-popper on the inside.

12. Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz has graced the big films for decades and has played a wide range of roles. She is a resident of New York’s West Village and lives in a 2,400 square-foot apartment that has been said to be a little reminiscent of a jewelry box lined in silk.

Each room is as fancy as the next, down to the closets, which are covered in custom wallpaper or a choice of vivid paint. She had the backs of the doors designed with hammered metal and her apartment has been featured in Elle Décor Magazine. Like Cameron herself, the apartment is an understated sort of sexy. She knows how to use colors without being overly flashy.

13. Demi Moore

Demi Moore was one of the popular “Brat Pack” kids of the ’80’s and has been one of the most recognized movie stars from that era. She owns a six-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath mansion that is situated at the top of the infamous San Remo building down on Central Park West. It is said that she is selling her apartment and asking a hefty $75 million for it.

Her apartment covers the top two floors of the south side of the San Remo building and has its own private entrance to avoid regular building traffic. She has said that she doesn’t live there full time anymore, and thinks someone should because it’s just too grand to not to be occupied full time, so she plans to sell the unique NY City pad.

14. Chelsea Clinton

Former President Clinton’s daughter, Chelsea, is a resident of New York City, as a matter-of-fact, she resides at 21 E. 26th St., in a 5,000 square-foot apartment there.

She and her husband have a New-Georgian-style, pre war loft that is equipped with its own private elevator that takes you to the upper level of the four-bedroom, five-and-a-half bath pad. It was designed with beautiful oak floors and Italian marble, which is found throughout the luxurious baths. What is the asking price of this New York apartment? $10.5 million.

15. Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi is frequently seen around the SoHo area because that is where his apartment was. The 7,452 square-foot duplex apartment, includes six bedrooms and six baths along with a private elevator, a full gym and wood burning fireplaces on every floor.

For relaxing outside, there is a private terrace that has enough space to let you dine out, if the weather is right. It was listed for $38 million when he tried to put it on the market some while back. Rumors are that he plans to stay in the area, just moving to another lavish abode.

16. John Legend

All of Me singer and song writer, John Legend, is married to his model wife Chrissy Teigen, and the two left LA to move to New York City where they found a quaint apartment that has been said to be almost the opposite of their LA home.

The available natural light in the apartment is limited but the couple loved the coziness of the space and used the darker tones of the woods on the floor and exposed ceiling beams in some of the rooms to create a comfortable retreat that lets them get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Other architectural features include beautiful built-in bookcases, brick walls, and high ceilings.

17. Mary-Kate Olsen

The twin from Full House episodes, Mary-Kate Olsen and her sister Ashley, have created an enormous net worth and they have both purchased beautiful apartments in New York City. Mary-Kate Olsen’s apartment is in the Midtown area, far outside the West Village and Tribeca area where many celebs buy.

The apartment was purchased from famed painter, David Deutsch and comes with a private garden, a gorgeous ballroom, a unique hall of mirrors, even a rooftop pool. Olsen and her fiancé, Olivier Sarkozy will also have a grand artist’s studio and an elevator that takes them to the upper level. It was reported to have been purchased for $13.5 million.

18. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields is an all-American actress that is just as popular and remembered a young model. She lives in Greenwich Village in New York is a stunning apartment that shows off her extraordinary taste and style.

She has chosen a lot of unique pieces of furniture that she has matched with beautiful artwork and décor pieces to give the home a quaint and cozy feel. Her dining chairs are George III and sit around a table by MADE in her kitchen, close to her Wolf range and gorgeous range hood that is tiled by Mosaic del Sur. A couple of her choices of artwork include Malcolm Liepke in her kitchen and a trio of Hunt Slonem pieces in her living room.

19. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio chose a $10 million dollar apartment in Greenwich Village, not far from Wall Street. The two-bedroom apartment offers many green amenities including a vitamin C-infused shower and posture-supportive reflexology flooring.

For better breathing and relaxing atmosphere, DiCaprio can have that any time he wants with his aromatherapy air supply and has continuous access to his wellness concierge.

The beautiful apartment has light-colored wood floors with architecturally designed paneled ceilings. The décor is a perfect mix of elegance and manliness to appeal to all. He used a combination of blues and whites in his pallet that offset the neutral tones on the walls.

20. Anderson Cooper

Anderson Cooper, CNN news anchor, has a very unique apartment in NY City, a renovated firehouse that is an impressive 8,420 square feet and sits at 84 West 3rd Street.

He paid a cool $4.3 million for the beautifully renovated firehouse and brought out the best of the ‘old’ architectural designs, while incorporating new into the place, to give it a great combination of both.

He enlisted Cary Tamarkin for the architect and expert on keeping the authenticity of the place, which included leaving the brass fire pole and the 19th century gym that is equipped with vintage equipment. The 1906 vibe is found throughout the place, along with the 9/11 memorial plaques.

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