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Expensive Idaho House

Even though many people think of California or perhaps Mercer Island Washington as places for pricey pads, the upper echelon is steadily migrating to Idaho. According to KTVB, Idaho is the fast-growing state in the United States, with a population increase of 2.12% from 2019. 46% of people who move to Idaho come from California. Many people feel that the state is much quieter and safer than a more significant urban metropolis. However, moving to Idaho doesn’t mean that you will live in a cabin somewhere with only basic amenities. Scattered throughout the state are some impressive mansions, including the most pricey in the state located in Coeur d’Alene. Former owners Kathy and Rodney Woods commissioned designer Eric Hedlund to design the exterior space and Chandra Payne to tackle the interior. The couple moved from Florida to Idaho in 2010. One of the most important things they wanted was a house that would provide them a beautiful place to entertain and somewhere they could enjoy their grandchildren. The 11,000 square foot, five-bedroom, nine-bathroom home is in the gated Golf Club At Black Rock, a community outside Coeur d’Alene. Coldwell Banker representative Greg Rowley is brokering the sale.

Expensive Idaho House


One of the main things the Woods wanted was a low-profile house to not detract from the view. Additionally, they had numerous grandchildren, so they wanted something that would easily accommodate their family. Eric Hedlund focused not only on a picturesque exterior, adding elements of Telluride, stone, zinc panels, and Trespa zebrawood siding with teak soffits but also the interior and layout. Aside from the main house, he added a 2,200 guesthouse featuring a large enough bedroom for the couple’s eight grandchildren, a large living room, and a full kitchen. Hedlund also had well-defined attention to detail.

He used stainless-steel-flanged windows, which allowed many places to have floor-to-ceiling windows, giving an indoor-outdoor feel throughout the entire house. Chandra Payne, the interior designer, took elements from Hedlund’s exterior and brought them inside. Many of the interior walls also have Telluride stone and teak accents. As she told Mountain Living, “just as you find big boulders and delicate flowers in nature, I like spces that are balanced-not too masculine, not too feminine; not all heavy and not all light.” She described her usage of warm fabrics and a seamless blend of modern and vintage pieces. When she chose interior pieces like chairs, she stayed true to the low-profile house, allowing unobstructed views of the lake throughout the home.

Expensive Idaho House


One of the most exciting things about the house is the way the style incorporates modern and rustic. Even as you enter the home, several notable features utilize this unique twist. First, there is an abstract metal statue that looks like two wedding rings. Undoubtedly, it’s a feature meant to symbolize the Woods’ marriage. Additionally, as you walk into the front door, you’ll notice an eclectic blend of modern and timeless. There are two sets of doors; both are tarnished gold with small vertical windows. However, the first set features the letter W. The light stone walkway flanks by two small pools which cut into the tile. There is a rich wood overhang that offsets the stone facade. Two large white planters flank the entrance. The living room is certainly a place where designer Hedulund’s concept shined. One wall is a large window and sliding glass door combination that goes out onto the porch. Interior Designer Payne’s usage of darker mosaic wood highlights the feature.

Expensive Idaho House

Additionally, there is a gold metal frame around the back window. The living room is vast, with a white sectional sofa and a pair of brown chairs by the window. It’s also divided into several sitting spaces. The primary color of the large rug is rust-red, highlighted by several throw pillows on the couch. One of the cutest features in the house is a hang-out room designed especially for the couple’s grandchildren. Across the back wall are miniature portraits of each which face large screen TV. The floor has several gaming seats which lean against a cabinet filled with colorful pillows. Next to the window is a small table with several chairs, probably for snacks or if some of the grandchildren are young enough for a tea party. It’s only natural that the outdoor spaces are as impressive as the indoor living spaces. The back deck has a large overhang providing shade and matching the wood over the front entryway. There is also a larger version of the water feature with a fire and ice addition. Hedlund used the same materials for the deck as well. Since this makes the area not feel jarring or set apart from the rest of the house, it highlights the beautiful backdrop of Lake Couer D’Alene exceptionally well. The finishing touch on the back deck is a series of flower boxes that run the length of the deck and are tiers along the path leading to the lake. When you look at an aerial shot of the house, you have the opportunity to see it in all its glory. Even though the house is exceptionally modern and palatial, it nearly blends into the landscape because there is so much depth and character and eclectic lines. According to Dirt, the house faces southeast allowing a breathtaking view of Lake Coeur D’Alene while remaining shaded during sunny afternoons.

Expensive Idaho House

Final Words

As former owner Kathy Woods said, “I just couldn’t take my eyes off the lake. I would sit in the great room or out on the patio for hours, mesmerized by the view. Undoubtedly the next owner of this house will do the same. After all, it is an impressive piece of architecture that melds the indoor-outdoor living with a contemporary twist. The next owner will certainly feel serene amidst the tall trees and gentle lake sounds.

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