Curved Casey Key Guest House Among Oak Trees In Florida

Even the most pretentious guests would feel lucky to have them accommodated into the Casey Key Guest House. Designed by TOTeMS Architecture, this guest house located in Florida features one bedroom, one bathroom and a living area with a kitchenette. The owner requested a house in the trees and that it’s exactly the result in the end.

Surrounded by lots of mature oak trees, only by getting the house at a considerable height would have been offered natural light and beautiful water views. The structure is consisted mainly of wood, having a lovely curved architecture that affects some interior walls and the ceilings, too, conferring such a wonderful aesthetic.

The bedroom is literally set among the trees, with dense branches conferring the guests’ privacy, as the room is surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows. And the wood bridge crossing the river gives the impression that Casey Key Guest House is really isolated among an environment almost untouched by the human being.

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