20 Stunning Mediterranean Mansions

Mediterranean architecture is a unique look that combines the look and architectural elements of several Mediterranean countries. Some of the biggest influences have come from Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

Over time, countries from all over the Mediterranean region have all contributed elements of the style that influence our take on the style. Today, Greece, France, even the Balkans, Turkey, Morocco, and even Algeria inspire the style that are often seen in the states with a strong Spanish history, such as California and Florida.

Some of the key elements often seen on these styles of homes include, arches, red tiled roofs, and rough or rugged looking plaster that was made to appear like plastered adobe. Other details might include decorative carvings and big, heavy doors, terra-cotta floors, and stucco walls. Many people like the Mediterranean look of a home.

There is something mysterious and intriguing about the design and gives you a feeling that you have stepped back in time to another place an era. Houses of any size can be built using the Mediterranean design, however, large homes and mansions are some of the most common to see, and some of the most impressive.

If you love the Tuscan, Southwestern, Moroccan or Spanish Mediterranean look, you can create the same design styles for your home. Here are some tips.

Architectural details for Mediterranean homes

When you see a Mediterranean style home, there are many similarities among the homes in architectural details. Depending on your personal taste, your preferences, your budget and builder, certain details will vary, however, here are some common features to see on any Mediterranean style home:

Balconies with arched windows and doors, stucco exteriors, terra-cotta tiles, stately columns, wrought iron gates, brick and wood shingles, stone, a low-pitched tile roof, solid antique wood door with knocker, courtyard, patio or lanai. Warm browns, golds and yellows, cream, terra-cotta, and shades of reds or rust, are common colors to see the exterior painted.


Landscape is as equally important to keep in synch with the style of the home. You will want to choose plants and foliage that go with the Mediterranean look. Water fountains, walkway lighting, garden areas of walkouts and patios, and gravel walks are ways to give your yard a touch of class and Mediterranean style.

Interior details

A Mediterranean home doesn’t stop at the front door. Keep the theme rolling on into the house and here are a few ideas on how to bring this style inside, too. Wrought iron isn’t just for outdoors, it is often used inside a Mediterranean style home, too.

It can be used as stairwell railing, in chandeliers and sconces, or other various areas in the home. High ceilings with rustic wood beams are popular in this style home, along with bright kilim textiles.

Wood burning stoves are a great addition, especially in an old rustic kitchen décor. For a textured look on the walls, layers of glaze and paint can be hand-rubbed onto plaster as well as sand-textured walls to give depth to the walls, making it appear old and old-world. Hardwood flooring or terra-cotta or Mosaic designed tiles on floors, counters, and in bathrooms are both in-tune with this style of home.

Warm, neutral colors that echo earth and sea, are the most common colors seen inside a Mediterranean home. They flow nicely with the theme.


Don’t forget about accessorizing your home. The accessories inside your home help complete the look. Choose accessories that have a sense of old world style; Filigree light fixtures, a wrought iron fireplace screen, or place a couple bronze urns on a shelf or mantel, as an example. Painted ceramics, glazed vases, rustic candleholders, among other pieces, can really add to your Mediterranean theme.

For more views of Mediterranean style homes, here are 20 stunning Mediterranean mansions.

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