“CSI Miami” Star Emily Procter’s Los Angeles Home

Los Angeles will never have a shortage on celebrity homes. There are many multimillion-dollar properties that are scattered throughout the area, but not very many will have the warmth and charm of a Southern domicile. For CSI: Miami’s Emily Procter, the challenge was not to find a home that will fit her North Carolina personality. It was to find a proper way to incorporate her endless collection of family antiques that had been passed down to her from her grandparents. Balancing her modern lifestyle and her Southern ways is no easy task, but somehow in her home, it all comes together so well.

Living Room

Procter’s interior style comes from years and years of practice. She’s the go-to person for many of her friends when it comes to decorating. In her living room, Procter highlights the heights of her living room’s cathedral ceilings by stacking antique photos above her mantel. The white couches and marble coffee table add a clean touch to the room, while the crystal chandelier gives the living room a simple elegance that’s reminiscent of a dainty Southern belle.

Home Office

There’s something chic about the pink and white combination in Procter’s home office. There’s an accent given with the gray couch in the office, which is flanked by two floating elephant shelves. The artwork on the walls are understated—a complete opposite to the bright throw pillows that occupy the gray couch.

Work Space

Procter’s black desk is a stark contrast to all the colors of her home office. Her workspace is tucked away in a corner, probably a good area to focus even for just a little bit. The pink artwork just above her desk ties in with the colors of the rest of the room.


There’s a quiet grandeur in Procter’s bedroom. The large brass canopy bed is serene with its white linens. The feel of antiquity is certainly prominent with the style. The touch of pink is visible again on the shades as well as on the light floral arrangements that decorate the night tables.


The bathroom boasts clean white tiles and taupe walls. The antique feeling comes from the shelving that holds the white towels and the windows. There’s a ton of light that flood this room, which adds to its seeming size. There’s also a noticeable nautical theme with the apparent boat décor albeit small.

Family Room

Who says you can’t mix patterns? You certainly can as long as its done right. The family room is filled with family comforts. The mismatched décor is intentional, which adds to the overall charm of it. The bookshelves serve as the new home for many of Procter’s heirloom antiques. They almost look as if they blend naturally with the stain of the shelves. Procter also displays a lot of animal-themed décor, which is a testament for her love of animals.


Perhaps one of the best parts of this humble home is the outdoor space. Procter has set up a comfortable seating area that’s adorned with a beautiful empire chandelier that holds candles. The small pool is surrounded by lush greenery and the glorious California sunlight. Procter has enough surrounding trees to offer reprieve from the sun just in case. There’s even a garden settee that’s perfect for an afternoon read. It’s gently tucked away in a corner that’s surrounded by plants—the perfect escape from the indoor.


Procter has an exquisite 8-seater table with dark stained chairs that pop out against all the white of the kitchen. The tall cabinetry again highlights the high ceilings and also adds a different set of personality to the mix—something just slightly chic. There’s no telling why she’s got such a huge table in her kitchen. It could very well mean that she’s a breakfast-type person.

Dining Room

No other room in Procter’s home is as formal or traditional as her dining room. The large china complements the 10-seater dark oval table. The upholstered white seats are as elegant as the room itself. The floor-to-ceiling drapes that outline the bay window are classy, while the green centerpiece keeps everything grounded. There weren’t many wall décor, but it’s certainly not needed. The room itself is the masterpiece.

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