“Schitt’s Creek” Rose Mansion Is Selling for $16 Million

While it is the stars of a television series that usually attract the most attention, some of the locations and properties are sometimes also points of conversation. One property used as a location in a television series is a beautiful mansion that was the former home of the Rose family in the popular series ‘Schitt’s Creek.’ ‘Schitt’s Creek’ was a sitcom created by the father and son team Eugene and Dan Levy, both of whom star in the series. Other members of the cast include Catherine O’Hara, Annie Murphy, Jennifer Robertson, Tim Rozen, Emily Hampshire, and Chris Elliot. The series is about the trials and tribulations of the Rose family and their friends and neighbors, who live in the fictional small town of Schitt’s Creek. It ran for eight seasons between January 2015 and April 2020. In the series, the Rose family originally lived in a substantial and breathtaking mansion prior to relocating to Schitt’s Creek, and the mansion drew admiration from fans of the series. Now, the Toronto mansion is on the open market with a price tag of just under $16 million. Coincidentally, the Hockley Motel, which was used as the location for the Rose family’s business, Rosebud Motel, is also on the market for a significantly lower price of $1.6 million. Here is an overview of the stunning mansion that was the original home of the Rose family in ‘Schitt’s Creek.’

An Overview of the Mansion from Schitt’s Creek

Although the Rose family’s mansion attracted a lot of attention from fans of ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ it was already a well-known property. The owner of the house, Van Lapoyan, told Bloomberg that everybody already knows the property as it is considered a landmark in the area. It has also been used as a location on multiple locations, not just for ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ and has more than 25 film and television credits. Lapoyan is a Toronto-based condo developer, and he bought the corner plot on which the mansion sits in 2008. Originally, there was a one-story ranch on the plot, but Lapoyan demolished the structure to replace it with the current mansion. He then spent five years completing the three-story mansion, which involved a design process that took two years, and a further three years for construction. When the property was complete, Lapoyan called it ‘La Belle Maison,’ which means the beautiful house. The colossal Toronto mansion measures a staggering 24,000-square-feet internally, and it boasts 14 bedrooms and 16 bathrooms. It is in the St. Andrew-Windfields neighborhood of Toronto on Fifeshire Road in Saint Andrews Park, and it is the largest property on the street. Lapoyan has decided to sell so that he can retire to somewhere with a warmer climate, and he has put the property on the market for $15,739,119.

Inside the Toronto Landmark

The interior design of the Toronto mansion was inspired by 17th-century Parisian architecture, so there are lots of artistic and ornate features throughout the property. Some of the most striking features are the murals and frescos that appear in various rooms. Despite the classic and elegant design, the home has all the modern amenities buyers would expect from a property with such a high price tag. From the moment viewers step inside this property, they will see the sheer magnificence it offers. The humungous foyer boasts columns and a decorative tiled floor, and there is a sweeping marble staircase that splits at the midpoint to take you to either side of the property’s upper floors. However, the foyer’s double-height ceiling with murals is the most striking feature on entering the house. A 12-seater dining suite is central to the dining room, although there is plenty of space to accommodate even more diners. Like most of the other rooms in the property, there are tiled floors and high ceilings decorated with murals.

The ornate theme continues through to the kitchen, which has decorative tiled floors, wooden cabinetry, and white marble countertops. However, it is in this room where you will find some of the home’s modern features, such as top-of-the-range appliances. As you would expect from a property of this size, there are various vast living areas. However, there are also some more unusual rooms that you would not find in a standard house. Most of these are on the property’s lower floor in the basement, which is set up as a space for leisure and entertaining. For example, there is a ballroom, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a fitness center, a games and billiard room, a heated BBQ room, a movie theater, a steam room, a wine cellar, a golf simulator, a 30-foot indoor pool, and even a gift wrapping room.

The Grounds of the Schitt’s Creek Mansion

Considering the palatial size of the mansion, it sits on a surprisingly small lot of just 0.55-acres, and most of this space is consumed by the house, which has an eye-catching limestone exterior, says Dirt.com. Large double gates lead onto a paved motor court with space to park multiple vehicles to the front of the property. The motor court is lined on either side by trees, and there are manicured hedges and stone water features separating the motor court from the front wall of the mansion. At the property’s rear, a stone terrace is accessed from the main level of the mansion that runs almost the house’s full width. A wall of stone columns surrounds the terrace, and stone steps lead from the terrace to the rest of the grounds. The mansion’s rear garden’s main feature is a large outdoor swimming pool with curved stone steps into the water on two corners. There is stone paving surrounding the pool, along with sections of plants and manicured hedges. At one end of the pool is a wider section of terrace set up with seating, although there are other areas to sit on every side of the pool.

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