Hi-Can – The Canopy Bed With Built In Technology


Exagerated or not, the Hi-Can is considered by its manufacturer „the Ferrari of beds”. But what is so about this bed to deserve so much praise? Hi-Can is a different type of canopy bed, with a very modern look and, most importantly, with a bunch of built in technology. Wait until you find out everything about this bed: you’ll want it and when you’ll get it, you will never want to leave out of it.

Although it was not made reality yet, the concept surrounds about the idea that you can watch movies, surf the internet, play video games laying comfortably in bed. How cool is it? Instead of the old curtains, the Hi-Can canopy bed comes with a flat TV screen. And if some specialists say that bedrooms are not the places to bring any kind of technology in, especially a TV, this concept breaks all the rules. And I believe many will be the fans of this unique concept.

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