Check Out Avril Lavigne’s New $7.8 Million Ocean-View Malibu Home

The pandemic has not been kind to most of us. Some have been forced to tighten our belts after businesses closed down, and they now depend on the stimulus checks to survive. Others have not seen any changes to their livelihoods; hence they are making a killing from different ventures. Celebrities, like Chrissy Teigen and her husband John Legend, put up their home for sale and were looking to get at least $23 million for it. Canadian Singer Avril on the other hand, has money to spare and splurged on a new house. So, check out Avril Lavigne’s new $7.8 million Ocean-View Malibu home that will make you start singing along to Calloway’s “I Wanna Be Rich” song.

A Private and Pricey Haven

When Scott Gillen rebuilt the 1960 home, he did not know that Avril Lavigne would set her eyes on the property and love it. The rock star could not wait to have her own home tucked away from the prying eyes of the public and media; hence she forked out $7 for the house. It is invisible from the street thanks to the towering hedges and mature trees as published by Variety. The outdoors is quite spectacular, with the lush green lawns going down towards the sandy beach. Amenities the singer will enjoy include a sauna, fire pit, and barbecue on the patio, a wooden deck and pool for those days she prefers cooling off in the comfort of her own home. The pool could not be complete without a sunbathing shelf and spa.

The 3,500 square foot single story house has the master ensuite on its own separate wing for maximum privacy. Inside is a walk-in closet large enough to cater to all her wardrobe needs and a spa-style bath for that luxurious evening after a long day entertaining her fans. The singer does not need to have a gym membership because one of the two guest bedrooms serves as a home gym. She does not need to be concerned about visitors not having enough room to sleep in; the two-car garage also has another bedroom. While inside the open floor plan house, she can enjoy whatever magnificent views she prefers, thanks to the glass doors that lead to the backyard.

Avril Lavigne’s Other House Sold at a Loss

In 2015, Avril and her husband, Chad, bought a house in Sherman Oaks worth $5.4million. It was much bigger than the current Malibu house; the Sherman Oaks measured 7,880 square feet. However, the couple split up and tried selling the house for$7.9 million. Unfortunately, no buyer was ready to part with such a hefty amount prompting the price to dip to $7.49 million in early 2019. In November 2019, it was back in the market for $6.49 million, but it still could not land a buyer. Luckily in June 2020, they found someone willing to pay $5 million for the property, quite a loss and much lower than they had hoped to get for it. Well, let’s hope that that singer will not make another loss if she decides to put the Malibu house up for sale.

Scott Gillen’s Background

Scott Gillen never dreamed of becoming a renowned real estate developer. Everything he has ever done was as a result of a chance presenting itself. When he was young, Scott was fascinated by cars so much that by the age of 17, he was already employed as a tire buster in a reputable shop frequented by creme de la crème. His skills impressed Paul Picard, a famous Hollywood producer, who asked Scott to be his technical advisor in his new show, “Cruisin.” The young Scott jumped at the opportunity, and his knowledge and experience became vital in creating dialogue revolving around cars.

The excitement was short-lived because the show was canceled, but Paul was not about to leave him groping in the dark. He asked Scott what he would like to be, and the developer said a stuntman; Scott got his wish. He did stunts for six years until one unfortunate day when he injured himself so badly that he could not get back on set as a stuntman for 6 months. However, he still had bills to pay, so according to Malibu Magazine (, the young man took up odd jobs still on set, such as mounting cameras. His experience in cars landed him the job of a director for car commercials, and he became a hotshot, landing high-profile clients like Toyota and Mercedes.

How Scott Stumbled into Real Estate Development

The money he was paid was enough to pay for a loft. In 2002 he found himself jobless, and without any plans for an entire year, he decided to renovate his new loft. His commercials had to be flawless, and his home had to be the same, so he researched all he could. In 2004, he was happy with what he had managed to achieve. However, he had to sell it because his wife was pregnant and they needed a bigger home. As luck would have it, within an hour of listing, the house fetched the highest price ever in the history of Abbot Kinney. Scott discovered that his new passion for designing could be worth his while, and he has never looked back.

In 2005, he founded UNVARNISHJED, a company to facilitate his projects, and his reputation grew. His ability to turn everything he touches into gold is unmatched, and by 2018, he had renovated one of the most luxurious homes ever built in Malibu. It became the most expensive at $85 million. If you have an eye for luxury, perfection and do not mind digging deep into your pockets, you might want to wait for the Case No.3 homes set to be completed in 2021 according to Forbes. Case No.2 were listed for $100 million so maybe the Case No.3 will be worth much more.

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