Check Out Holland Roden’s Beautiful Hollywood Bungalow

Holland Roden is an actress who is originally from Dallas, Texas. She is best-known for playing Lydia Martin in ‘Teen Wolf’ and Zoe Woods in ‘Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block’. As she is now enjoying success in the film and television industries, it made sense for her to live in Hollywood as it is well-known that this is the place to be if you are a successful actress. She now lives in a beautiful Hollywood bungalow that she has been keen to show off recently.

Bizarrely, the young actress bought the house before she had even seen it, although she knew that the previous owner was Bozo the Clown. She also knew that it wasn’t the vast estate with ocean views that some of the biggest stars in Hollywood enjoy. However, she has set about putting her stamp on her new home and is delighted with the results.

The sitting room has both traditional and contemporary elements. The original fireplace remains in place and is the focal point of the room. However, the brickwork surrounding the fire has been painted white to give the room a more modern feel. The dark-stained wooden floors are a great contrast against the stark whiteness of the walls and the room feels light and spacious due to the large windows that fill the room with natural light. Roden has added splashes of color to the room, predominantly shades of yellow, with throws and cushions.

She has chosen to keep the dining area simple with a wooden dining set that includes a rather rustic looking bench. Just like the sitting room, the large windows flood this area with light. She has accessorized the room with a large potted tree in the corner and a vase and candlesticks on the table. In both the sitting room and the dining area, Roden’s love of books is evident as both rooms feature bookcases.

The galley kitchen features cupboards with dark teal doors and wooden work surfaces along with all the modern features that someone with a hectic schedule needs to add elements of convenience and simplicity to their home life. The large patterned rug over the wooden floor creates a homely feel to this part of the bungalow. The bare, wire lampshade is an interesting feature in the center of this room.

Holland Roden’s bedroom is interestingly masculine and minimalistic. She has opted for dark blue walls with white drapes and bedding. Like the rest of the house, this room features a dark wooden floor. The bed is adorned with cushions with shades of beige and patterned with colors including blue to match the walls, yellow, and peach. She has accessorized the room with three interesting pieces of art. One is an abstract painting of birds which she has hung next to her bed. The others are two large Matthew Porter photographs that suit the minimalistic feel of this bedroom perfectly.

Renovating the bungalow took longer than Roden had anticipated, but it has clearly been worth the time and effort. She now has a stunning bungalow that reflects her personality and tastes perfectly.

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