Katie Kime’s Colorful Home in Austin

Katie Kime is based out of Austin, Texas where she designs an entire line of lifestyle brand fashion, as well as furniture and accessories. Her versatility in undeniable limitless and her approach to her designs is along the line of “preppy chic.” Her styles are influenced by the Bohemian and Bourgeois traditions, incorporating traditional shapes, modern prints and a broad spectrum of bright, cheery and whimsical colors. This is how Kime sees the world, full of color and optimism. Kime didn’t want to just create one line, but had her mind and goals set on having a multitude of lines of her designs, and so, after graduating from Duke, she put her goals into motion and embarked on her designing journey. Today, Kime’s home in Austin is a perfect example of her style and talent. Her home sits on three acres of wooded land and is just two miles from downtown Austin. Her emerging lifestyle brand of fashion, furniture, and accessories is evident in her own spirited approach to dressing both herself and her home. Here is a peek inside her beautiful and eclectic home.

Unlike the inside of her home where color is abound, the outside of Kime’s home was designed in a muted limestone with black trim. The old southern style home reminded Kime of her childhood, growing up in North Carolina. Indicative of the southern design, is the large second-floor veranda with two sets of French doors leading out to it. Out front sits a black and white striped couch, matching the color scheme of the home, the perfect place to sit and take in the views of the beautifully landscaped front yard.

The formal living room is elegant and full of beautiful artwork. Outfitted in blues and gold tones all around, from the intricately detailed fireplace, to the furnishings, even several decor pieces throughout the room, this is a room that looks and feels rich and sophisticated from top to bottom.

The dining room is bright, colorful and bold. Blue and white are the main theme in the room. Blue and white patterned dining chairs sit around the long dining table and navy blue pendant lights dangle from above. Long white drapes frame two sets of French doors and a long buffet on the back wall adds yet a different element of decor to the room. Kime added a bold splash of color to the room by laying a bright fuchsia area rug over the warm, dark wood floor.

Stripes, stripes, and mores stripes. This sitting room is fascinating with the use of multiple color combinations, including pink and green, pink, and plenty of black and white stripes. Of course the black and white stripes make you think of zebras, but Kime added yet another animal print to the mix to keep it interesting – the leopard print, which is minimally used with two leopard print throw pillows. But it makes a bold statement.

Another use of the leopard print is found in this room where a pair of over-sized leopard prints are a focal point of the room, along with the emerald green drapes that hang in the background. There are several patterns for the eye to take in, but they all work together to create a very unique and eclectic look, which is what Kime is most known for.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors and patterns. When it comes to designing a room, Kime says she just likes to use what works in the room and if it means mixing stripes with floral patterns, motifs, or any other for that matter, it can be done, you don’t have to have everything perfectly coordinated to make a room flow or look and feel congruent.

Kime is mom to three kids and one of them is pretty lucky to have this as her very own closet. It is bigger than some people’s bedroom and almost doesn’t even look like a closet with the way Kime decorated it. Banana leaves are seen on all the walls, all throughout the space. It’s unique and artsy, and gives the closet a tropical look and feel.

Cooking in a kitchen like this is not only easy with all the open counter and floor plan space, but all the natural lighting is refreshing and makes the entire room feel warm and welcoming. That being said, take a look at the beautiful design of the kitchen with the beautiful white and blue color combo theme and modern gold pendant lights hanging above the spacious bar area. A farmhouse style sink is surrounded by white subway tiles and overlooks the landscape through generous windows that overlook the yard.


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