20 Living Rooms with Beautiful Bay Windows

Bay windows are a unique addition to the archaeological construction of your living room. They are typically either box-shaped, walkout or just simply bayed, they add a lot of character and charm, as well as space and light to your room. 

A room with a bay window is typically oddly shaped, meaning that there won’t be the standard four walls. This can make a room a bit difficult to situate your furniture so that it flows evenly and makes the room comfortable for both functional and visual purposes.

Choosing the right pieces is as important as knowing where to place them so that you do not obstruct the view of the window, or the pathway to, or around the window. If you have a bay window in your living room and are looking for tips on how to arrange your room, we have a few good tips for you to consider to help you create a beautiful living room.

Choose your furniture pieces

Remember that the key factor with a bay window in your living room is to choose pieces of furniture that don’t obstruct the view of your bay window. It is a central architectural focal point of the room and to cover it by obstructing furniture does not do justice to the window, or your room. Choose chairs that are low-backed, such as club chairs or low-backed loungers. 

High wing-backs or tall reading chairs should be kept out, as well as tables that showcase tall decorative artwork or pieces that can obstruct views. Book shelves or tall lighting should also be left out, and instead, use lower tables with smaller stature lamps, or overhead lighting that is scaled to the size of the room.

Use your window as the main weight of the room. Everything placed in the room, should be balanced off of the window, for instance, to balance the weight of the window, place a larger pieces of furniture, like a bookcase unit, on the opposite end of the room. A couch or large, overstuffed chair, should sit facing the window.

If your bay window doesn’t contain a bench seat, a petite table could look elegant, placed below the window. Add a vase of beautifully arranged flowers on the table to complete the window focal point.

Window seat

If your bay window doesn’t have a window seat, you might want to think about adding one. This can really cozy up the area and give you a great place to sit and relax with a good book and cup of coffee.

The lighting that streams through bay windows can really make it one of the coziest spots in the house. Window seats are also a great way to earn extra storage space. Benches that open to storage units are great for storing blankets, pillows and other items you don’t otherwise have room for.

Window treatments

Depending on the size and shape of your bay window, you will want to choose treatments that accentuate the windows and not cover or obstruct the window design, or the light that comes through. Long, heavy draperies don’t work for all bay windows, and in some bay windows, valances or light hanging curtains can look awkward. You may find that wood-slatted shutters are a better choice, both for beauty and functional purposes.

For more ideas, here are 20 beautiful living rooms with bay windows for you to view and gain inspiration from.

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