20 Gorgeous Living Rooms with Ocean Views

What better way to end a long day then to sit in your beautiful living room and look out the window at one of the most gorgeous views there is in the world, the vast, blue ocean. For those who are lucky enough to own a home with any kind of beautiful view, you are some of the lucky few. But if you happen to own a home that overlooks something as awesome as the ocean, you want to take full advantage of the views and allow as much of the scenery into your home as possible.

When it comes to the ocean, it is relaxing and picturesque and you want to be able to gaze at it from as many rooms in your home, with the living room being one of the best rooms in the house to take in such gorgeous sights, so design your living room up in a way that will allow for the best views of all the ocean has to offer.

Floor-to-ceiling windows

Many times, if there is a view just beyond the walls of your home, oversized, or floor-to-ceiling windows are installed to let the picture into your living room. If you don’t already have them, consider having large windows installed that will open up your room to the outside to let the serenity of the sea, in. Whether you have an entire wall of windows, or large sectional windows, the more open the wall facing the ocean  is, the more you can see without obscurities.

Stage your furniture

No matter how large or small your living room is, staging it right so that you get the views of the ocean no matter where you sit, is ideal. Set your furniture around the living room so that none of the pieces; sofa, loveseat, or chairs, have their back to the view. If you feel like you have too many pieces of furniture to be able to do this, or they are too large, you will want to scale your furniture back to what will comfortably fit so that every seat has a view. Limit the pieces, or find smaller pieces that fit comfortably, don’t overcrowd, don’t block pathways through the room, and don’t obscure your view.

Color coordinate

When it comes to the a view like the ocean, you will want to try to bring some of this beauty into your room so that the serenity flows seamlessly into your living room. Choose bright, crisp colors, such as white, light gray, blues, sea foam greens, taupe, and other sea accent colors. Natural blonde woods and light oaks are favorites for ocean-view living rooms,for both furniture, and flooring.

The more you work with the natural beauty of the ocean outside your windows, the easier it is to create a gorgeous living room where you can sit and relax at the start and end of the day, watching the sun rise and set over the sea, and enjoying one of the most breathtaking views there is.

To see more, take a look at these 20 gorgeous living rooms with ocean views.

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