The Characteristics of a Mid Century Modern Living Room

Mid Century Modern Living Room

If you are in the process of designing your new home, the living room will become front and center in your mind at some point. You have many options when it comes to the look and feel of this place. This is the room where the entire family gathers to enjoy one another’s company. You will have many special memories in this room, so you want it to reflect the look and feel that speaks to your personality and what you enjoy. You are the master of your castle, so choose carefully. With all of the available designs out there today, you might want to go with the mid-century modern look. This is a way to pay homage to the past, with an eye towards the future. It will certainly make your room stand out and make it a focal piece of the interior of your home. This particular design has been quite popular for the last ten years, and for a good reason. It has clean lines throughout the room, and there is a type of cool vibe that comes with the space. It is stylish and very comfortable. If you like to exhibit a casual lifestyle, then the mid-century modern look is for you. Many of the furniture retailers today are catering to this design, so you will have no shortage of options on the horizon.

Explaining Mid-Century Modern

You might be reading this wondering what a mid-century modern design even entails. As you might imagine, it is a reflection of American culture following World War II. The architecture, furnishings, and materials that you use will reflect that era, but it will have a modern look and feel to it. Depending on who you talk to, mid-century can encompass a wide range of years, but it typically is taken to reflect the look the was prevalent from 1945-1969. The term mid-century modern actually came about in 1984 and was coined by an art historian named Cara Greenberg. You will find that this design is patterned to a large degree after Germany’s own Bauhaus style. There are many similarities in design between post-war Europe and that of the United States. There was actually a shortage of building materials during this time, so simplicity was the rule of the day. Designers had to get creative, which resulted in some bold looks that really were quite attractive and innovative for their time. This spurred an entirely new line of designer the focused on the interior of a home and how it should reflect where society was at the time.

Moving Along

Remember that American cities and suburbs began to experience tremendous growth in the years following World War II. This meant that a housing boom would occur, and with it would come the need for a lot of furniture to be designed. An entirely new look would come out of this movement, and it is now making a comeback in the form of mid-century modern. The new materials that were being sourced would be used to create and develop and an entirely new style of furniture for American families moving forward. Since many of the homes being built today are taking advantage of open floor plans and large spaces, there is a lot of natural light that tends to flow into the modern living room. This is the perfect backdrop for the mid-century modern look. Many of the furnishing during the post World War II era were created by artisans. These were modern designs that could actually be mass produced without much expense. This is exactly what was needed. Remember that houses were being built left and right. This created the demand for a lot of furniture to be built all at once. At the same time, families post World War II were not in the best shape financially. They wanted to have quality furnishings, but they needed the prices to be extremely reasonable. The mid-century look was a perfect way to bridge both of these ideas together and connect them.

This Look Is Becoming Increasingly Popular Today

You have heard that history has a way of repeating itself. That sentiment often applies to design and art as well. What was popular decades ago often makes a comeback years later. That is the case with the mid-century modern living room. The characteristics of this design are contemporary and chic. It results in a living room that is most eclectic and looks similar to Scandinavian minimalism, all captured within a bright and airy living room that looks well in the modern American home. This is why it has become so popular today. The furniture that is indicative of this style has never really gone out of style. They are simple, elegant, and durable. Those are three features that homeowners love to have. They also are unique and creative. When you assemble the mid-century modern furnishings in a living room, the look is visually appealing. At the same time, the furniture itself is comfortable and allows for guests and family members alike to truly enjoy their time. Remember that the living room is not just a space in the house to be looked at and admired from afar, much like what you would get with the Victorian Style. Today’s family wants to use their living room. They want it to look good, but they also want it to be functional and comfortable. That is what you get with the mid-century modern living room.

When you create the mid-century modern living room today, you will end up furniture that will transcend the test of time. They will last for a long time, and they will look just as great in the future as they do today. At the same time, you will be able to change the color and art schemes in the future should you choose to. This is the best of both worlds when it comes to design. You want it to be flexible and fluid enough that you can change the style in the future if you so desire, all without having to go through considerable expense once again.

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