20 Beautiful Living Rooms with Mixed Design Styles

Mixing design styles throughout your whole home, or in just one room, can be a fun and interesting look for your home, but overdoing it, or overmixing designs can confuse anyone who walks into the room. You want a person to feel comfortable in the room, both physically and visually. When too much mixing happens in a room, it can be overwhelming, confusing, and come across as messy, as opposed to a cohesive look and feel. Many décor styles combine well together and can create a  beautiful look for your living room, from modern mixed with traditional, to rustic combine with shabby chic. The options are practically endless, so don’t be afraid to mix intermingle lighting, furniture, textures, and accent pieces, just learn how to before you start so that the end result is a beautifully and thoughtfully mix of both styles. Here are some tips for mixing décor styles in your living room to give you some ideas.

Be consistent with color

When working with color in a mixed décor theme room, keep color consistent. You can mix-and-match pieces of furniture in the various themes you choose to work with, however, keeping the color consistent is important in order to make the pieces flow together. For instance, if you choose to intermingle a mid-century chair with a black and white modern sofa, keep the colors in the chair in the same shades as the modern sofa to tie them in and give them the appearance they are meant to be together. When colors are off, it can bring attention to inconsistencies in the design types, as opposed to a smooth transition from one style to the other.

Choose furniture that’s on same scale size

Mixing and matching design styles is easier and more visually appealing when furniture is equally scaled in size. An example of a poor choice of furniture scaling would be to large, leather, rustic style sofa sitting next to a very petite modern side table. Tables, chairs, sofas and other pieces, should look equally balanced when you look around thee room, otherwise you are creating obvious breaking points in the design that leave the room looking disorganized and unequal.

Keep a balance in the room

You can mix-and-match décor accent pieces throughout the room, but keep in mind that like furniture pieces, balance is key here too, for instance, you don’t have to have the same exact lamps sitting on the side tables on either side of the sofa, but you will want to have the same proportionate type lamps on each table. Match sizes of height and visual weight for objects when placing them throughout the room to give an overall sense of balance.

Distribute the mixture evenly throughout the room

Keeping an even flow throughout the room is important when you are mixing design styles. When combining styles, use both styled pieces all throughout the room as opposed to heavily decorating one section of the room with one style and another section with your other décor style pieces. This can make a room look and feel choppy and awkward. Evenly disperse pieces from both décor themes throughout to keep the eye moving seamlessly throughout the room without stopping to notice a décor theme change.

If you need more ideas on how to mix and match design styles for your living room, here are 20 beautiful living rooms with mixed design styles for you to view and draw inspiration from.

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