20 Gorgeous Green Master Bathroom Ideas

There’s nothing more soothing than a smooth shade of green. Green is one of those colors that can a number of effects on a person’s  psyche. Depending on the hue, it can be warm, sunny, refreshing, cheery, clean, and soothing and relaxing. These are all feelings many people would like to feel when they step into their bathroom, and especially the sense of clean and refreshing feel that you want most when showering and getting ready for your day. For these reasons, green is an excellent choice for a master bathroom and one that is easy incorporate in small or large amounts,d depending on your love of the color. If you’re looking for a master bathroom make-over and want to add a taste of green to your decor theme, we have some great ideas that can get you started.

Choose your shade

There are literally dozens of shades of green to work with so picking your favorite may take a little getting to know what the different hues of green are. Some of the most popular shades include, lime, olive, grassy green, forest, mossy, pear, emerald, mint, sage and seafoam. You can mix and match hues in a variety of ways to add layers of green in your master bath.

Decide how green you want to go

Whenever you decide to redo any room in your home, starting with a color scheme is the best place to start. No matter what colors you decide to work with, deciding on how much or how little of the color you want in the room is an important decision. You don’t want to overpower a room with too much of a good thing, especially if you tend to have a bit of a color phobia. Smaller spaces can also be easy to overpower with color, particularly if they happen to be bold colors. If you aren’t sure how much green you want in your master bath, start with a more muted tone of green, or using the shade you choose in smaller amounts, like incorporating the shade in your shower tiles, through accessories, or an accent wall.

Bursts of green

If redoing your entire bathroom in green sounds like too much work, try introducing bursts of your favorite shade of green into the room. Not everyone has the patience, desire, or the budget to do a full bathroom makeover, but this doesn’t mean you can’t achieve a dreamy green master bath. Some ideas of bursts of green could include adding bright green foliage to your bathroom, which can include green pots for the plants. Artwork that boasts shades of green can sometimes add enough green accents to a wall, or a mirror framed in a green hue can bring more of your color scheme to life. Other ways to get bursts of green can include your fabrics, from window coverings, rugs, and towels.

Green tiles, cabinets and counter tops

For a more dramatic effect with the use of green, consider choosing tiles for your shower that showcase your favorite shade of green. Subway tiles are popular styles of tiles that not only look great in bathrooms, but they are often seen in a variety of shades of green. Counter tops are another area of the bathroom that can easily help bring some green tones into your bathroom. You can choose a counter top with lots of green hues, or a minimal amount. If you’re in the market for new cabinetry, you can upgrade to a set of green cabinets in a variety of shades of green, from soft sage tones to bright spring-green shades and more.

Colors that pair well with green

There are lots of colors that pair well with green and can help transform your master bath into a green haven. Of course, any shade of green pairs well with white and other hues of white, like cream, beige, and off white. They all help your green to pop and become the dominant color in the room. Brown, shades of yellows, and blue are also beautiful colors to pair with green, along with gray, red and black. Mix and match colors to create the perfect green master bath for your home.

If you are inspired to transform your master bath into a beautiful green master bath retreat but aren’t sure where to get started, we have some pictures that will help give you some great ideas. Take a look at the following 20 gorgeous green master bath ideas and get some inspiring ideas for your own green master bath masterpiece.

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