The 10 Best Online Bathroom Design Tools

Planning your dream bathroom should be exactly that- a dream. But with so many different things to consider, it’s often easier said than done. Will a cabinet bath really work next to the window? Will ceramic floor tiles suit your color scheme? If you want to avoid any costly mistakes, using a bathroom design tool is a great idea. The idea behind bathroom planners is simple: create and customize your ideal bathroom virtually, then use the design as the basis for your purchases and planning. Simple to use, often free of charge, and with no obligation to buy attached, they’ll help revolutionize your renovation experience. To see for yourself, check out our round-up of the 10 best online bathroom planning tools for 2020:

1. Reece Plumbing Bathroom Planner

The Reece Plumbing Bathroom Planner is a nifty tool that will help alleviate a lot of the stresses and strains that go into designing a bathroom. Other than the user-friendly and intuitive interface, there’s a lot to like about the product, including the option to save your bathroom design for future editing by creating a free account, a “print” function that not only allows you to print your design layout, but the list of product’ that have gone into it, and the option to either select from a range of pre-loaded bathroom designs or create your own style by entering the dimensions of your bathroom, the position of any windows and doors, and adding plumbing products from Reece’s considerable range as and where desired.

2. IKEA Bathroom Planner

If you’re planning to purchase your plumbing products from IKEA, their eponymous bathroom planner is a great little tool. Simply choose from two basic designs before customizing to create your dream bathroom. As well as letting you add any product from the store’s extensive catalog through a simple “drag and drop” action, the planner will also tell you if any of your selected products don’t match – and who couldn’t do with a few expert Swedish design tips?

3. Bunnings Bathroom Planner

With its vast selection of predesigned rooms in the categories of contemporary bathrooms, compact bathrooms, classic bathrooms, and luxury bathrooms, Bunnings Bathroom Planner is a superb little tool. Along with its great range of pre-designed layouts, there’s also the option to create your own bespoke design in their “start from scratch” section. Once you’ve finalized your design and added all the necessaries from their range of bathroom products, you’ll have the option to view your layout in 3D, or even print a copy out for reference.

4. Villeroy and Bosch Online Bathroom Planner

With intuitive functionality, numerous excellent features, and a well thought out design, Villeroy and Bosch Online Bathroom Planner is a joy to use. Pick your choice of layout and floor covering by simply “dragging and dropping” before completing your design from the vast range of products on offer. Once finished, you can view the final version in 3D before printing off a copy to keep.

5. RoomSketcher

Incredibly easy to use and with some very handy little features, RoomSketcher is well worth a look. Simply draw your floor plan using simple drag and drop drawing tools, select your choice of furniture, customize their finishing, and then use the camera to take a snapshot of the final design in 3D. There’s even an interactive “Live 3D walkthrough” feature that lets you view the design in “real life”. Some of the features do require a subscription fee, but with most of the basic functions available for free, it’s an excellent option to try.

6. Formica Bathroom Visualizer

It’s free, it’s easy to use, it’s practical… if you need any more convincing of the merits of the Formica Bathroom Visualizer, a few minutes on the site should be enough. After either choosing from their considerable bank of pre-loaded designs or uploading your own images, you’ll have the chance to modify any elements in the room you’d like to change. Some of the chief highlights include redo and undo buttons, as well as the option to zoom in and out on specific areas. Once you’ve completed the design, you can either print it out or choose to save it to the site by creating a free account.

7. Caesarstone Visualizer

Thanks to its user-friendly interface, modifying, editing, and creating your dream bathroom is a breeze with the Caesarstone Visualizer. As well as allowing you to pick exactly what products you want and place them exactly where you want them, you’ll also have the chance to change colors and design. Best of all, it’s free and doesn’t require any registration process to use.

8. HomeByMe

HomeByMe might not be dedicated to bathroom design (it’s more a whole home software kind of deal), but it’s still worth a look even if you’re limiting your re-design to the bathroom. As well as including plenty of products to choose from, there’s also the opportunity to view the final version of your design in 3D – a great way to really test how your layout will work in reality.

9. PlanningWiz

Even technophobes should have no problem in using PlanningWiz. This incredibly easy to use app allows you to create online plans with zero technical skills, giving you a great idea of what your dream bathroom could look like. Choose from its vast range of bathroom items, customize the colors, finishing touches, textures, and detailing as you see fit, before viewing the final layout in 3D. As well as allowing you to work from your tablet, iPad, smartphone or PC, the tool will also let you create up to five plans for free, giving you the chance to view and compare several different layouts before making your final choice.

10. Chief Architect

Let’s make one thing clear before getting too much into the detail: Chief Architect is a serious site and requires some serious dedication to get to grips with. That said, if you’re up to the challenge, you’ll find its graphics and attention to detail second to none. If you’re planning a major renovation, it’s well worth a look.

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