20 Creative Room Divider Ideas

Not all living spaces are designed with divisive rooms, especially small living quarters. Dividers can help set up boundaries to make small spaces seem bigger, give you privacy in certain areas, even add focal points and decorative elements to your home. You can section off eating areas from living areas, sleeping quarters from otherwise open spaces, or an office area that you want to keep private. There many ways to create different living areas and divide your rooms where there aren’t traditional walls or borders. Whether you need a complete coverage divider, or an element that simply gives the look and feel of separation for an area in your home, there are some great ideas out there that can inspire you to create the perfect space divider. Don’t know where to start? We’ll help get you going by giving you a few tips on how to choose the right divider for your space, so keep reading.


No matter if you’re a huge fan of books or not, you can use bookcases to create a border using a creatively designed bookshelf that not only works well for displaying books, ornamental pieces, and pictures, but the shelving unit helps create the look and feel of separated spaces. What’s great about a bookshelf divider is the versatility. You can make the division more solid by using a bookshelf with a solid back, or keep the division more casual by using an open-back shelving unit so that you are still somewhat connected to the space on the other side. You can also customize the size of a book shelf to give you the perfect amount of division, making them one of the most popular space divider ideas.


Curtains are not only one of the cheapest and easiest ways people have found to divide room space over time, but they can be very convenient for those who only need the space divided at certain times, but want the option of being able to open up the room for more space when they need it. You can also choose from such a wide variety of looks when you use curtains. Whether you are going for a chic, Bohemian look, casual, beachy look and feel, or a classy and elegant look, you will find curtains that fit your style and décor theme.


Lattice is a classic look for both inside and out of the home. Lattice is often used on the outside of the home for landscape and outdoor décor ideas, but it can also make a great space divider on the inside. You can get creative with lattice and decorate it to cover the lattice openings. Use a winding plant that creeps through the lattice work to add some greenery and a natural look to your divider, attach some of your favorite photos across the lattice to create a visible photo album of sorts. Or, for a more simple and classic look, choose a bright or bold color to cover the lattice to give it a bit of wow-factor.

Other ideas

Just about anything you dream of, you can create into a room divider. Long strands of beads for room dividers were popular in the seventies, but still hold some weight in the retro design lover’s home. Glass doors and partitions are not only used in offices, but can be put in your home to divide space, too. Using strands of geometrical shapes, such as large circles or ovals in basic white, or a bolder color are a very modern look for a space divider, and they can serve as two purposes. While their main purpose is to give the look and feel of separation between two areas, the can also create a great focal point for a room that adds to your modern décor theme.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at the following 20 creative room divider ideas to help inspire you.

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