20 Creative Lattice Fence Ideas For Your Backyard

Lattice fencing has been making its way out of gardens and patios lately to enclose entire backyards. There’s something unique about this traditional fencing type that makes it so versatile and clean looking. They’re a great way to enclose an area without making it feel too constricted or blocked off. Lattice fencing is also very affordable and easy to install. The installation process is not as time and labor intensive compared to other fencing types. The best part about having lattice fencing is the end result. It’s aesthetically pleasing and can even be quite lovely when surrounded by greenery and flora. Here are 20 creative lattice fence ideas and tips for your backyard.  Also be sure to check out the gallery below:

  • Accentuate a traditional privacy fence by adding lattice fencing on the top. You’ll still get privacy with your fences, but the lattice will add a classic detail that’s sure to spark intrigue from passersby.
  • Use a lattice fence to create a completely green fencing. Use plants that will climb onto your fence quickly, and before you know it, you’ll have a garden fence instead of a lattice fence.
  • To separate your garden from a larger farmhouse landscape, use lattice fencing that has wide lattice gaps. You can also keep the fencing short, so you can get a good view of the landscape out in front of you.
  • Add vertical tall lattice fences to separate your planters from the rest of your backyard. You can still get a good view of your growing plants even while you’re sitting on your deck or patio.
  • Create an enchanting area by adding an arched lattice gate. Arched gates are intriguing on their own, but when you add a latticed quality to them, you’re creating something truly special.
  • Go traditional and create a tall lattice fencing with smaller grids. It’ll make for a truly rustic looking fence that’s the perfect way to enclose a small cottage backyard. Trim it with white flowers all around for that extra aesthetic.
  • Divide the spaces in your backyard by installing random rectangular lattice fence frames. The beautiful thing about lattice fences is that they create smaller niches without hiding view lines.
  • To add personality to plain privacy fences, add segment of lattice slabs with smaller grid openings to allow vines to climb on. Eventually, these lattice slabs will turn into segments of vine slabs that will create a unique design.
  • Use a low and short lattice fence to outline a property with a view. Large, diagonal grids should do the trick, but this lattice fence will look best when it’s holding up a bright floral bush.
  • One unique way to fence a backyard with a pool is to use a diagonal lattice fence to surround the perimeter. For an added aesthetic, make sure the tops of the fences are arched for an extra dramatic effect.
  • Another way to use lattice fencing on top of privacy fences is to add them in a diagonal pattern. It’ll add just a little more twist to what is already a nice component.
  • There’s never anything wrong with using lattice fencing the traditional way. With smaller slats, you can spice up a traditional fence by adding unique plants and flowers to outline your fence perimeter.
  • For a tranquil feel, use thicker slats with wider gaps. They’ll almost remind you of Japanese tranquility gardens that enclose spaces to provide peace and serenity. Imagine that on a rainy day.
  • You can achieve a clean look with lattice fencing that are completely vine-free. Install one that’s just waist-high and either leave an opening or a gate for access in and out.
  • Take some scalloped lattice panels and stand them up against an edge or a wall for purely decorative purposes. The results can be visually stunning, especially if you accent it with some light greenery.
  • Extend an existing fence by propping up a taller lattice fence just in front of it. Leave gaps in between the height to add a little bit of interesting dimension to the design.
  • For a rooftop area, use tall lattice fencing for various reasons. You can use it for protection or use it for privacy. Make sure to use smaller slats and grids for a more dramatic effect.
  • If you had any areas in your backyard or home that has stairs, you can use lattice fencing as a railing. It adds for a unique detail, and of course, it’s a great way to incorporate greenery onto your staircase.
  • Create a rough unfinished lattice look to get the rustic feel. You can use unfinished wood, and also leave the tops of the fences completely unfinished. This is a great option for a garden area.
  • Use a staggered lattice fence to accommodate for areas that are on a slope. Use this especially if there’s a nice view to be seen just outside of the fence.

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