20 Gorgeous Backyard Pavilion Ideas

coolest backyard pavilion ideas

There’s nothing like enjoying a relaxing evening in your own backyard surrounded by good friends and good conversation. They’re even more pleasurable when you’re spending time in your beautiful backyard pavilion. A pavilion is a structure that is an extension of your home in that it allows you to participate in the same types of activities while in it, the same as you would be able to do in your home because you are protected under the roof of the structure. For instance, you may enjoy lounging and curling up with a good book, or having an outdoor meal, entertain friends and family with a cocktail party, or even watch TV or have a movie night in your pavilion. Whatever you plan to use it for, you can design a beautiful pavilion for your backyard that not only blends in with your home’s design, but it enhances your yard and home’s beauty. Gazebo.com suggests researching different styles of pavilions before you start to be sure you install the perfect match for your home and property. Here are a few pavilion ideas to inspire you to start your own pavilion.

Modern Pavilion

According to Lushome.com, modern or contemporary pavilions can add a novel look to your backyard. If you aren’t familiar with this design look, it is known for its neat, clean, streamlined design and has been a popular design choice for inside and outside of the home. If you have a modern design home, a modern design backyard pavilion will give your home a continuity by continuing the design flow into your backyard. Modern design uses plenty of raw materials which means if you decide to create a beautiful modern pavilion, you will want to follow suit and use the same for your backyard pavilion. Lancaster country backyard explains that the materials will be more costly than other pavilion design materials, which may something you will need to consider before choosing a design plan, but if raw materials fit your budget, some of the materials you might incorporate into your pavilion can include, marble, glass, your choice of hardwood, metal, among others. A beautiful stone fireplace will keep you and your guests warm and cozy on chilly nights while you visit over cocktails. Create a comfortable seating area with plush outdoor furniture and table with a streamlined design. A sleek grill or bar area can add more functionality for your pavilion.

Rustic Pavilion

There’s nothing quite as charming as the look of an old rustic wood cabin which is why many people love to create the same look for their home. Adding a rustic style pavilion will add to the charm of your rustic home, but can be a great addition to many other styles of homes as well. To create a rustic style pavilion, aged wood beams and slabs are very basic rustic design ideas. Add some charming lantern-styled lighting, a weathered wood bar top and big, comfortable furniture pieces for your seating area. Set a couple of rustic styled barrels filled with beautiful greenery, or blossoming foliage around the pavilion to help create a more natural setting under the cover of your pavilion. Design a beautiful old stone fireplace with a rustic style mantle to help add a sense of rustic style, then use other rustic style decor, such as a wagon wheel, horseshoes, and other elements that remind you of a cozy, rustic setting to complete the look. Once you’ve completed your rustic design, you’ll be ready to get cozy and warm up under your beautiful rustic pavilion with your friends and family.

Poolside Pavilion

For homes with a pool, a gorgeous poolside pavilion can be the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment area. Spending lots of time outdoors in your backyard and pool is always fun, but you can make even way more enjoyable when you add a beautiful retreat from the hot sun by designing a beautiful poolside pavilion. You can keep it simple and casual, yet make it as functional as it is beautiful. Design your pavilion as a comfortable retreat to relax with snacks and drinks. Add a bar under your pavilion that’s equipped with an outdoor refrigerator for serving cold drinks, or a grilling area for whipping up a delicious batch of ribs and burgers for your hungry guests. Add comfortable outdoor furniture with water resistant materials, a table and chair set along with comfortable bar stools for grabbing a cool-one with the host of the party.

For more inspirational ideas, here are 20 gorgeous backyard pavilion ideas.

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