20 Backyard Entertainment Areas That Will Blow You Away

The backyard of your home is a place where you can get out and enjoy the out-of-doors with your family and friends. Some people enjoy cookouts and entertaining in their backyard, especially during the warm weather months.

When it comes to creating the perfect backyard haven for entertaining, there are a lot of ideas you can go with to make it beautiful, and functional for entertaining. From seating areas, to BBQ grills, fire pits, tables, even fully loaded outdoor kitchens, most of your design will depend on what is important to you and your budget.

Having a beautiful outdoor entertainment area that is not only function, but beautiful can make backyard entertaining that much more enjoyable. If you’re looking to create the perfect backyard entertainment area that is perfect for your lifestyle, here are some ideas to get you inspired.

1. Map it out

You will need to map out the area that you want to create into the entertainment area. Knowing what amount of space you have to create a design will help you know what you are able to do with it before you start to purchase outdoor furniture and other items. Once you have the area mapped out, you can start working on the layout of your design idea.

2. Determine the main purpose of your entertainment

You will want to determine what you plan to use your backyard entertainment space for. Do you plan to primarily have BBQ’s, or do you prefer to be able to cater full meals for your guests when entertaining? You may want to consider a fire pit, which is warm and cozy and can be a great amenity for entertaining guests on chilly nights. And for those who have a pool, a bar area is a lot of fun for poolside parties.

3. Design your layout

When plotting and planning your backyard entertainment area, one of the first things you should do is be sure to incorporate a sitting area. Having plenty of seating for your guests is important when it comes to entertaining in your backyard.

It’s the key to entertainment, to be able to sit and visit with your guests. If you plan to have a BBQ grill, you will want to consider its size. Some prefer to have a grill set apart a little distance from where the guests sit and visit to prevent smoking the guests out too much, whereas an outdoor kitchen may be better off close to where the guests will be mingling to help keep you close to the conversation while your guests visit.

4. Lighting

You want plenty of available lighting, and of different types, such as task lighting ad ambience lighting. If you have a trellis, try hanging lanterns or globe lighting. They are both decorative and perfect for ambient lighting. You can also include things like tiki torches or string lights in close-by trees or throughout the trellis.

For some backyard entertainment area inspiration, here are 20 backyard entertainment areas that will blow you away.

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