20 Awesome Backyard Office Shed Ideas

Not all homes are loaded with ample space to set up room for a home office, which is why many people resort to creating office spaces in inconvenient places in their home, like the dining room table, a dark, dingy basement, the living room, or another area in the house that isn’t most ideal.

There’s an easy solution to this problem that many people are turning to. It not only frees up space in your home, but it will create a beautiful focal point in your backyard, and add value to your home.

Backyard office sheds are a great alternative to lack of adequate office space in your home, and with so many alternatives to designs, sizes, and costs, you can find the perfect one for your backyard.

First things first

Before you run out and start assembling or have your backyard office shed delivered, first things first. Anything you plan to add or build on your property may require some footwork and phone calls before you move in, including a backyard office shed. Learn what your city’s guidelines are for adding a structure to your home and how to apply for the proper permits.

If your community has an HOA, be sure to familiarize yourself with their covenants, procedures, and guidelines, then obtain the proper approval from the committee.

Getting the proper permits and approvals can help you avoid big headaches down the road, like having to move or remove the shed, or pay fines for breaking any laws and bylaws. Once the proper procedures have been met, it’s time to get busy setting up your office shed.

Choose the backyard space

Choose an area in your landscape where there’s plenty of space for the shed without compromising its integrity, and any landscape you plan to do around it. Here are things to consider:

  • Keep your office shed clear of low-lying trees and limbs to avoid damage to its roof and shingles.
  • Clear large roots and root systems away from the area to prevent damage that can happen over time as the root systems grow.
  • Avoid setting your shed up near the access to your septic system. If your home’s plumbing is set up on a septic system, it’s important to know where the system’s access is and avoid constructing anything over or near it. You might think a homeowner would know this, but it’s actually fairly common for homeowners to be clueless of its location and make the mistake of impeding on it, causing big problems that could have been avoided.
  • Depending on the size of your yard, your shed may be in close proximity to the main home and you’ll need to decide how it will affect certain aspects of the home. Will it impede on views from windows inside your home you don’t want to obscure? Will it block natural sunlight from rooms you count on for the light? Will it be more of an eyesore than an attribute to your property that may affect your home’s value?

Do you choose a shed that melds with the look and style of your home?

The choices and styles of backyard office sheds are practically endless with what you can choose as your backyard shed office. Some people may prefer to keep the style of their home and shed similar for a cohesive look to the property.

A modern home might inspire a modern looking office shed, or a rustic cabin office shed could be the perfect style for a country style or log home. You get the idea. But the skies the limit and you can have fun with choosing your design.

The materials the shed is made of may influence your choice as well. From pre-fab sheds to kits you can build yourself, sheds are made of different materials, so whether you prefer a shed constructed from wood, metal, or another material, this may influence the choice of styles you choose from. Whatever you choose, consider whether it will be attractive to your home, yard, and your neighbors.

One thing you want to keep in mind as you choose your office shed is how the outbuilding will affect the value of your property, your neighbor’s property, and your community.

Set-up, decorate and move-in

Getting your backyard office shed set-up and decorated the way you want will be the most exciting part of the journey. From painting and adding flooring, to setting up your work space with office supplies, and finally, decorating it with all your personal touches, you’re almost ready to move in.

Your backyard office shed not only offers a place to work that’s spacious and functional, but you can’t beat the commute. Backyard office sheds are great for giving you the ability to be in close proximity of the happenings of home, yet they take you away from all the distractions that can interrupt your workday.

If you’ve been thinking about adding an office shed to your backyard, we have some beautiful designs that can get you inspired to construct one of your own. Take a look at the following 20 awesome backyard office shed design ideas to help inspire you.

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