How to Choose the Right Backyard Hammock

Backyard Hammock

Your backyard is a versatile space that you can use in many ways. It is great for entertaining, somewhere for the kids to play, and for growing beautiful plants and flowers. You can also use your backyard as a place to enjoy simply being outdoors and or relaxation. If you want to relax in your backyard, then one item you can add to this space is a hammock. Here is a guide to choosing the best hammock for your backyard.

Choosing a Location for a Hammock

According to Best Hammock Reviews, your first step is to choose a spot for your hammock. Decide whether you want it somewhere in the shade or in direct sunlight. Also, would you prefer it close to the house or at the opposite end of the garden for greater tranquility? What you have in your garden from which you can suspend a hammock also makes a difference to where you will position it. For example, if you have a cluster of trees together in one spot in the garden, this is an ideal space to suspend a hammock.

Single or Double?

The next step is to decide whether you want a single hammock or a double hammock, says Garden Helpful. A double hammock is perfect if you enjoy cuddling up as a couple on a hammock or if you will get on with a child. If you will only use the hammock yourself, then a single hammock is usually sufficient. However, you may still choose a double hammock if you have a larger double frame or you want a little extra room.

Child and Pet-Friendly Hammocks

Not all hammocks are child-safe and pet-friendly. Therefore, if you have a child or a pet that will use the hammock, then this is something you should check before making your purchase decision. A hammock made from durable materials that can withstand claws and jumping is ideal for pets and children.

Weight Capacity

Another important consideration is weight capacity, so you need to think about who will use the hammock. Those with a low weight capacity are generally only suitable for children. If you have a larger frame or you will use the hammock as a couple, then you should opt for a hammock with a high weight capacity. This is important for safety reasons. Most hammocks can take up to 450 pounds, but there are heavy-duty options that can take up to 1,500 pounds.

Hammock Setup

Usually, people set up a hammock between two trees, two fences, or a tree and a fence. In this case, the hammock has fixtures at either end that will attach to these supports. There is also the option to buy a hammock that comes with stands. These are the best choice for people who do not have something suitable in their garden to which they can attach the hammock. Another setup option is a swing-style hammock that attaches from above to a branch.

Types of Hammock

Once you have decided where you will suspend you hammock and the size and weight capacity you will need, you can move on to looking at the different types of hammock available. Yard Envy outlines four main categories of hammock. These include:

  • Rope hammocks – Rope hammocks are usually made from either cotton or polyester and have a lighter weave for relaxation. They are designed for warm and hot climates. Another benefit of a rope hammock is that they do not stick to your skin if you get hot and sweaty. These are often the cheapest types of hammock available.
  • Fabric hammocks – A fabric hammock is suitable for both hot and cold climates. They are strong and durable, and they come in a vast array of colors, shapes, and designs. This means they can add a decorative feature to your garden.
  • Camping hammocks – Camping hammocks are designed so that they are a lightweight option that people can carry around with them. Not only are they lightweight, but they are also easy to set u quickly. Campers use them as an alternative to sleeping bags and tents in good weather. Although they are designed for camping, they are just as good for suspending in your backyard.
  • Hammock chairs and swings – Available in both single or double options, these allow you to sit up or lie down to enjoy the swinging motion of a hammock. These are often fitted from above, such as suspended from a tree branch, rather than fixed at either end.

Other Features

In addition to the main types of hammock, there are also some special styles and features to look out for. These include:

  • Cocoon effect – You will down lower when you lie in one of these hammocks, and the sides of the hammock will fold over you like a cocoon. Many people find these the most comfortable.
  • Soft woven – If how a hammock feels against your skin is one of the most important factors for you, then look for a soft-woven cotton hammock as these are the most comfortable against your skin.
  • Multipurpose – Some hammocks are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, or they offer various attachment options to use the hammock in different ways. If you want to use a hammock in several locations and have the option to change its use, then this is a good choice.

Choosing a Backyard Hammock – The Final Verdict

A hammock is a great addition to your backyard as it gives you somewhere to relax and enjoy the outdoor space at your property. There are plenty of products to choose between, so it is worth putting a little thought into which hammock you should buy to make sure you make the right choice. Decide where to suspend your hammock and consider your weight and size needs first. Once these elements are decided, you should think about the type and design of hammock you would prefer and if you should opt for one with any special features.

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