20 Beautiful Rustic Home Landscaping Ideas

Rustic Landscaping

The rustic home design is one that embraces a natural and simplistic way of life. Rustic homes are constructed of natural materials, like wood, stone, and glass, and most often, rustic homes are built in country settings, though, more and more, rustic homes are popping up in suburban areas as well. To keep with the rustic theme of the home, landscaping your property in a rustic design is the best idea to keep things consistent with the home’s design. Whether you live on 50 acres or one, you can design a beautiful rustic landscape that will compliment any rust home design and give your home wonderful curb appeal. Here are some ideas for any rustic home.

 Use your natural landscape

Since many rustic homes are built with natural landscape all around. Sometimes, a rustic landscape is already in the making with your surroundings, and little may need to be done. Start with trimming and maintaining the natural landscape you have, perhaps pushing back growth where you need to, and creating borders, o designated areas of trees, bushes and other naturally growing foliage.  Working with your natural landscape can give you a big head start with creating a rustic landscape. You may only need to arrange rocks, add pavers, or remove or plant a few bushes or other foliage to get the look you’re going for.

Stone pavers and pathways

Stone is a natural material often used in rustic designs, inside and out, and it certainly makes a beautiful decor element for a rustic landscape. Use natural stone to create a stone pathway from the house that leads to a beautiful garden area, fire pit, natural pond or gazebo. Stone comes in a wide range of colors and sizes so you can coordinate with the color and rustic style of your home. Use large stones to create steps leading to a lower part of the yard, or create levels in your landscape and rather than leaving slippery slopes as a means to access the lower levels, create a more eye-appealing and functional access with large gray stones, or another color that’s cohesive to the look of your landscape and home.

Create a fire pit

Nothing says rustic more than a campfire type of setting. Of course you want your camp fire pit to be a bit more appealing than a real, middle-of-the-woods fire pit, and with some fire pit ideas, you can design a beautiful rustic pit that connects you with all you love about camping and camp fires in your landscape plans. Designate an area for your fire pit and clear it out. You may prefer the natural ground around your pit, pine straw, laid stone, or maybe loose pebbles for the base where you pit is built. You can choose from a wide range of types of fire pits depending on how large your space is, how often you plan to use it, the design appeal, or other factors. One idea from HGTV suggests a round fire pit built of stacked stone and surrounded by pebbles for the pit area. By placing a few wooden chairs around the pit, you complete the rustic look.

Waterfalls and ponds

Creeks and ponds are both naturally beautiful and often seen in a rustic landscape. Since not all properties are blessed with a natural bubbling brook, winding creek, or a waterfall, you can create your own version of a water area. If you already have a pond on your property, work with the natural vegetation to enhance the pond, or plant water plants around it to help enhance the look. Add a decorative element to the pond scene to give it a true rustic appeal, such as a vintage looking drawing well. Although ponds are great, a lot of people will tell you they prefer the sounds of naturally tumbling water to other water elements. You can design a beautiful rustic waterfall, anything from a gentle bubbling brook, to a large tumbling waterfall, all your preference and available space.  Using large, dark cool stones to create a rustic falls is preferred.. Moss-covered rocks can add to the look, and give it an all natural, aged looking rustic appeal.

Final thoughts

Rustic landscapes can be scaled large or small and with large or small budgets. On a small budget, simply adding a few rustic yard ornaments can help to give your landscape a rustic appeal; an old vintage wooden bench, wooden barrel plant potters set about, the use of rock in a natural wildflower garden, or wooden gazebo with a stone fire pit and seating area. All it takes is a little rustic vision and creativity and your rustic style home can seamlessly flow into your landscape. Take a look at the following 20 beautiful rustic home landscaping ideas to help inspire your landscape transformation

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