20 Gorgeous Patio Designs Perfect for 2019

Patio Designs

Spending time outside of your home should be just as enjoyable as spending time indoors. You spend a lot of money on your home, so why not enjoy every bit of it, including your back patio? Patios are the gateway to the backyard, and when they are beautifully designed, they can serve as a great inspiration to designing an equally as beautiful, landscaped backyard. A patio is an extension of your home and they’re often used for relaxing, entertaining, outdoor dining, and simply spending time with family. Patios come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose to work with what you have, or add to your patio space to create more room for what you want to use it for. There are unlimited ways to create a beautiful back patio. Here are a few ideas that may help get you started with your patio plans.

Add a cover

Barbecuing and outdoor dining is great on those long, warm nights when you want something a little different, or dinner with a view, however, the weather isn’t always accommodating to your plans. This is when a covered patio could really come in handy, not to mention, the shade and cooler temps it offers on those hot summer days. Whether you add an extended roof, canopy, gazebo, or beautifully covered pergola over your patio, Lushome suggests that any of these covers can make your patio more luxurious and functional.

Designate your BBQ area

Most people who spend a great deal of time on their patios tend to use it for one of the biggest summer pass-times, cooking or barbecuing outdoors. If this is sounds like you, first-things-first, map out the area where you plan to set up your BBQ station or outdoor kitchen and dining area. Consider things like, how convenient you’ll need it to be to the house for retrieving things from the kitchen, and for full outdoor kitchens, how easy will it be to get all the right hook-ups you’ll need for electric and water?

Set up your dining area

Choosing the right outdoor dining table is important to the space you have on your patio, the number of people you’d like it to accommodate, and the amount of care it will require to keep your outdoor table looking new and maintained. With so many options, consider your area’s weather conditions. Patioproductions lists some of the most popular outdoor tables, which includes, teak wood tables, wrought iron, cast iron, and cast aluminum. You can find a wide variety of sizes, shapes and styles in all types of outdoor tables, and most come with matching dining chairs, or you can choose to mix and match dining furniture to create a specific look for your patio.

Create a comfortable seating area

Next to your dining area, a comfortable seating area is also at the top of priorities for creating a beautiful, relaxing outdoor patio. Curling up with a good book or visiting with friends and family around a bonfire pit, your patio furniture should be as comfortable as it is beautiful. An beautiful all-weather Resin Wicker set can create a quaint sitting area in a corner of the patio, or as a main focal area. Add brightly colored, or lively printed throw pillows on the sofa and sitting chairs to add pops of color, as well as an added bit of comfort.

Pots of plants and flowers

What’s an outdoor patio without lush potted plants and blooming flowers? Bring some of the backyard onto the patio by adding a mixture of colors and greenery by adding some large potted plants and flowers, mixed with smaller arrangements and even a few hanging plants to include vertical space in your design plan. A stunning statue or water fountain surrounded by beautiful foliage and flowers adds an eye-catching focal point. And here’s a bonus for a fountain – it can help drown out any background noise, such as a noisy street or chatty neighbors.


Not all patios are well lit areas. Most are designed with a basic outdoor light at the backdoor, which means it may be up to you to add more, which may require the help of an electrician. If you plan to use your patio for multiple functions, you’ll want multiple types of lighting, for instance, when the lights go down, knowing when that steak is medium rare and ready to come off the grill will require adequate task lighting. Layer your lighting to create lighting for function as well as ambiance. Low hanging trees are great for stringing strands of decorative lights to create a beautiful twinkling canopy above you. Tiki lights set in each of the corners or arranged along a pathway are great ambient lights and can bring an island feel to your patio. Everythingbackyard suggests considering a ceiling fan and light under a covered patio to help cool things off on a hot, steamy night. A stunning Tahitian fan can be a stunning way to get both beauty and function for an outdoor patio.

For more ideas, take a look at the following 20 gorgeous patio designs perfect for 2019.

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