What is Hardy Board Siding?

Hardy Board

Hardy Board siding is a type of fiber cement manufactured by James Hardie Building Products. The fiber cement siding is made from Portland cement mixed with cellulose fiber, ground sand, and other additives. Hardy Board’s appearance is meant to mimic the look of expensive siding types, so you will not have to buy expensive ones. Hardy Board siding is generally affordable. According to Modernize, it costs anywhere from $1 to $6 per square foot of material installed on a home. Besides its affordability, this siding has a lot of benefits for your structure. We will discuss its advantages and disadvantages to understand it further.


1. It is Fire-Resistant

Hardy Board siding is fire-resistant since it is made of sand and cement. Sand is normally used by firefighters when the fire is small. According to Firefighter Insider, sand can combat fires since it is nonflammable and a combustion product. Since sand has already been oxidized to the highest level, it cannot burn further. So, in case of a fire in your house, the sand will instead choke the fire. Meanwhile, cement is fire-resistant because it possesses insulating processes. As a result, it transfers heat from one place to another slowly. Therefore, it stops the fire from spreading from one part of the structure to another.

2. Pests Cannot damage it

Common pests that destroy structures include woodpeckers and termites. Woodpeckers cause an average loss of $300. As a result, you would have to spend money maintaining your house endlessly. Besides the damage, the pests make your house grotesque by leaving many holes. However, the grotesqueness becomes the least of your concerns when other pests enter your house through the holes. Fortunately, the siding is not made of wood. Pests find it easy to bore through wood but not through a product mixed with cement and sand.

3. It Can Withstand Storms

In any strong storm, you can expect houses to be swept by water or knocked down by winds. Luckily, this fiber cement siding can withstand extreme winds and rainfall. Since cement and sand make a house heavy and strong, wind cannot easily tip it over. Therefore to remain safe during a windstorm, you should shelter yourself in your Hardy Board siding house. As for water, the siding is water-resistant. So during heavy rains, the water will not force its way into your house. With wood-based sidings, the water would penetrate the house and eventually sweep it away.

4. Long Lifespan

Generally, most sidings have a warranty of 30 years. However, James Hardie sidings have a warranty of 50 years. That means the siding may even outlive you before replacing any of its parts. If a company offers such an extended warranty, then it is proof that it can last just as long. Another proof of its longevity is its resilience. Its resilience is due to its extreme thickness. For example, it is five times harder than vinyl. As a result, you will not have to worry about any cracks on it due to any external force. Since it is not affected by any force, it keeps your house looking new for a long time without doing any replacements.

5. Low Maintenance

House projects are fun up until they require maintenance. To maintain the house, you will sometimes need to buy additional materials, which ends up becoming costly. Besides spending money, it is also time-consuming. For instance, nobody would want to take the whole day making sure the house is properly maintained. However, all you will need with this siding is a garden hose and a medium bristle nylon brush. Since these are items you will likely have at home, you will not need to buy them. Therefore, you only need to scrub the siding twice a year. However, if you are passionate about cleaning, you may not mind scrubbing the siding every day. Since people hate chores, you can scrub this house by listening to some music, and you will be done within no time. In fact, you will feel motivated to clean it daily because of the music.


1. Long Installation Process

The siding is heavy due to the combination of cement and other additives. Although its weight keeps it durable, unfortunately, it makes it difficult to install. That means the contractors would have to take many breaks as they lift the heavy siding. So, if you are in a hurry to install the siding, you would have to schedule a time when you are less busy. However, if you desire a short installation period, you will need to hire professional contractors. Since a professional contractor has more experience, they will be able to install the siding within a short time, unlike a novice contractor.

2. It May Need to be Repainted After 15 Years

Fifteen years may seem long to others, depending on whom you ask. However, those who find the duration long may forget to repaint this house. After fifteen years, the house may need to be repainted to maintain its fresh look. Remember, the siding is painted using the ColorPlus Technology. The technology prevents your house from fading as a result of the sun’s rays. So, the technology relies on several coats of paint to protect your house from the sun. Eventually, some of the coated paint will fall off. Therefore, it is important to keep track of the date you installed the siding.


A lot of common house problems can be solved if you just got the right siding. For instance, the Hardy Board siding solves common issues such as storms, fires, pests, and so on. So, if you do not want to incur any additional costs, then this is the siding to get. Depending on the damage by any of the identified issues, you may have to move to a new house. Remember, looking for a house is challenging since you will likely be financially or mentally unprepared. Besides protecting your house from hazards, it makes your house attractive. Since it contains several coats of paint, it will not fade immediately. Let’s face it; nobody likes to look at a faded house.

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