The History and Evolution of The Lakeside Collection

Everything has history, but some stories remain untold. For a firm, being in business for over a decade is a long time to rewrite its story. The Lakeside Collection continues to enrich its story with its commitment to serving the American people with a great selection at unrivaled prices. Since its establishment in 1998, the Lakeside Collection has undergone evolution in various aspects, some due to the technological advancement and others to align with the changing customer references. With the slogan ‘the best things in life do not have to cost a fortune”, the Lakeside Collection has continued to instill this belief through its products. Among the many things that make it what it is today, here are some of them.

Personalized shopping

In a world where most companies produce standard goods and services that may not address the needs of each customer, the Lakeside Collection upholds the word ” personalization” and always seeks to offer the customer a personalized experience when shopping from the extensive range of products.

Unique gifts

Some occasions such as weddings happen once in a lifetime, while others occur once in a year like birthdays and Christmas. Imagine receiving similar gifts from different people. Luckily, you will never have to wonder how to get rid of a gift because you got the same one from a different person; not when the Lakeside Collection is here. The Lakeside Collection has a unique gift selection catering for all special occasions to make you feel cared for and special.

Home décor

Your home is your castle, so you should let it look like one. Consequently, you can not have your home furnished with décor you can find on every corner of the street. The Lakeside Collection has come up with a home decorating catalog that allows you to upgrade every room in your home with unique accessories. You can have beautiful curtains, rugs, wall art, bed sheets and many more. Further, when looking for unique decorations for the holidays, the Lakeside Collection has you covered.

Online catalog shopping

Leave the comfort of your home in the scorching heat, or cold to go shopping is annoying. Fortunately, the internet has brought with it lots of benefits among which is online shopping. The Lakeside takes advantage of this by offering customers online catalogs. You do not have to struggle to look for a particular product because the online catalog has all products listed in the exact order as the print catalog. Also, online shopping enables you to search for products depending on price category or whichever criteria you prefer.

Low prices

Any company starts with the objective of making money and that is only possible by increasing sales. For the Lakeside Collection, being able to sell more has been mostly due to the fact the prices are relatively low in comparison to other outlets. With some commodities going for less than $10, customers can get extra value for their money. Besides, the prices get lower when it has a special offer. For instance, referring a friend to the Lakeside Collection will earn you both $5 and free shipping. In other promotions, when you buy three or more plants, you get to save $1 on each.

Gardening tips

For those customers who love gardening, the Lakeside Collection has your back and is always looking for ways to keep you updated on how to keep the garden in tiptop shape. You can find DIY decorating projects for your backyards, such as adding solar lights and other appealing embellishments. It also tips you on how to keep your lawn meticulously clean, and for the flower lovers, it gives ideas to grow a flowerbed by letting you know the ideal time to plant and what to plant. Moreover, natural food fanatics will learn from the advice that the Lakeside Collection provides regarding how to plant healthy vegetables for your family to have fresh and organic meals.

Keeping customers in the loop

Everyone wants to have any news about their favorite store especially when it could save them money. The Lakeside Collection ensures that it updates customers on any special offers by having them sign up for notifications. You can choose to provide them with your email address or your mobile phone number. It offers customers free shipping on products worth $50, and if any other offer is available, you will receive a notification. For example with the President’s Day weekend, you can have your shopping expenses saved by up to 50% due to sale offer on more than 400 products.

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